“Confirmation to the Readers: API Chief Editor will appear LIVE on MammaE ’s Radio talk show on Monday Night to clear the air on the Michelle Obama tapes”


MommaE confirmed on her BlogTalkRadio Show tonight that Chief Editor Korir is indeed tentatively scheduled to appear on her monksmedia.com show Monday night.

But she stated she wanted to postpone the interview if Mr. Berg did not have the audio in his possession. And she also stated she wanted to be able to play a snippet of the audio during her interview with Mr. Korir.

MommaE explained why the delay. Apparently she misspoke earlier when she stated that the audio was on Mr. Korir’s hard drive.

In fact the interview was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape on which there are other recorded interviews as well.

So, the delay has been caused by isolating the Michelle Obama interview, somehow converting the analog to digital and creating the mp3 file.

Mr. Berg’s WebMaster has been helping Mr. Korir’s computer people in this process.

MommaE also mentioned that her Momma is very ill and she asked for prayers.

This is link posted above for Phil Berg on Michael Savage 6:30 Eastern 3:30 Pacific


This is thread at Free Republic about this:


This is one comment mentioning API:

Be wary. Some of those Freepers can be really mean.

Yes, I do have feelings.

To: F15Eagle

“some 13 lawsuits (not just the two I know about) regarding proof on Obama.”

We know Phil Berg: Obamacrimes.com, a Utah citizen with BYU ties joined in Phil Berg’s suit

Washington State I heard of also

Hawaii: Hawai’i Supreme Court asked to issue emergency writ opening secret Obama birth files


Then don’t forget about Michelle Obama’s phone call to API (African news network) where she allegedly said “WHITE RACISTS” were behind the smears about his citizenship.


23 posted on Thursday, October 23, 2008 3:53:13 PM by BILL_C

MommaERadioRebels Says:
October 24, 2008 at 10:55 am

My answer to your Post:

I am so glad to know that you think you know me well enough to write the above post. When I have all of the details of Monday night’s show worked out I will be sending them to Mr. Korir, along with a picture so that the people on here can judge for their selves the truthfulness of your comments. Please know that this picture was taken 10 years ago, but I look the same except that I wear glasses for reading now. I am glad to know that you know that I was a Democrat supporting Hillary and now I am supporting MY COUNTRY and that means I am NOT supporting Obama, so you did get right.

Another thing you got right in your post was that I was once the Co-host of Ed Hale, but left him, since my reputation and integrity mean a lot to me. I have not spoken to Ed hale or conversed with him personally since August 21, 2008. As for Loving Larry Sinclair, I found that he is a lot more honest than who I was Co-hosting with and apparently you also.

As for being a “know it all person” I do reseach, maybe you should try it sometime and well calling me a goon is one of the nicer things I have been called. You probably know about goons, since I have always heard “it takes one to know one”.

As for where I live, please do not describe the kind of establishment that you live in and claim it to be my residence. For your information, I live in a brick home on 25 Acres. My home consists of 4 Bed rooms, 3 baths, a huge kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace, a laundry room half the size of on of my bedrooms a 2 1/2 car garage with a large storage room built inside the it at the back. It has a nice long front porch and a size size Patio at the back off the dining room. Now if you would like I can send a picture of my home as well and ask Mr. Korir to publish it also. Or you can just see the picture of me. I would ask that you try to not describe or make disparaging, untruthful remarks about people you don’t know, don’t have a clue about, or any credibile information about.

I will have to “Thank” you for agreeing with my stand on Obama and Michelle though, for I also agree with what you said about them being mighty dangerous.

Thank you and have a nice day and evening!

Red Head

You are wild and insane! You are the total red-head. Naturally insane you excite people and make their blood flow. Be careful though.. life isn’t all about fun and games, but still, keep it real and be yourself!

Also, I believe MommaE has a BTR show this evening:



Facing the American people after knowing how some of them are, through the comments they have posted here will not be easy, but API finds it to be the right thing to do.

It is important that what we started comes to an end honourably and with results that the American people, particularly our esteemed readers, have been asking for – that API should release the MO tapes as soon as possible. The Chief Editor will talk about the tapes but will not go deep when it comes to details that may be considered to endanger National Security and implicate persons not present to defend themselves during the show.

Listeners will have enough time to call in and ask any questions they may choose to, but that does not mean they will get answers to all the questions on the spot because API has to be careful in what is to come out during the show and that which may cause unnecessary chaos and put others in unpleasant situations. The US National Security must not be infringed simply because there is an outcry out there insisting to have the tapes’ contents released without care.

The Chief Editor will have no conditions to the Talk Show Radio Host when it comes to what questions the listeners should ask. API is not for censuring readers and the same censure free principle will be practised during Chief Editor’s participation on the talk show.

API looks forward to get reasonable questions and to have a good dialogue with the calling in members of public. API can assure the readers that all those who will call in with reasonable questions will not be disappointed

API hopes that all participants in the show will meet one another with an open mind.


Chief Editor Korir, API

Great stuff from cinie:


African Press International is pissing me off. Not because they haven’t released any tapes of Michelle Obama yelling at them about being black and oppressed, like they promised, I didn’t expect them to really do that. What I’m pissed about is, they’re letting the story get stale. Where’s today’s “twist”? I was all ready for a juicy development and…nothing. And the “Chief Editor Korir’s going to be on MommaE’s radio show” report hardly counts. Bummer. I need drama, dammit!

I want to talk about the current media narrative of Barack Obama’s “inevitability.” They can write and report all the “McCain sucks” stories they want, Obama’s not inevitable in my house. Unlike the unseen “great unwashed” the media selectively depicts, through their creative coverage, of a nation of seemingly hypnotized, if not lobotomized, Obots determinedly clomping to the polls, chanting, “Must vote Obama, must vote Obama,” the members of my household are far more likely to throw something at any television screen showing such reports, and if asked about voting for Obama, are likely to respond by throwing the question back in the infidel’s face. “Me, vote Obama? You must be joking. I know you’re not talking to me!” This is only the beginning, the opening strains of a litany of incredulity and rejection of an objectionable, unacceptable premise, unworthy of consideration. “What time was it when you lost your mind? And who let you in?” Those are typical of the sort of questions one who bespake the unthinkable might be asked in return.

And we’re black. Democrats, until this year. So, I don’t know what kind of polls they’re taking, but they sure haven’t asked me.

And, they’d better not.

And cinie’s daily dose:

earth wind & fire – that’s the way of the world live 1981

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API MommaE

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