africanpress Says:
October 22, 2008 at 7:43 pm

Check and read their interview with attorney Berg.

“We are working with computer people and Chief Editor Korir over at African Press International as we speak so the audio file can be transfered over to us for distribution,” Berg said. “They say the information on there is far more extensive than just the things they reported, but before I do anything with it I want to review it in full.”

Thanks for asking how far we have come. The tapes are real.

Chief Editor Korir

Jeff Schreiber is just tired.

On African Press International, I’m honestly just tired of it. I do not believe that the tape exists and, if you’ve read over the past few days, I was disappointed in myself for not trusting my gut feeling in the first place. Still, if my gut is wrong, I’ll be more than happy to own up to it. Berg, it seems, is far more certain.

“We are working with computer people and Chief Editor Korir over at African Press International as we speak so the audio file can be transfered over to us for distribution,” Berg said. “They say the information on there is far more extensive than just the things they reported, but before I do anything with it I want to review it in full.”

I just don’t know if MommaE will be broadcasting, but show is still scheduled.

I’m pretty sure show starts at 3PM Eastern 12PM Pacific

But, click on link to get local time.

Warning to Arizonans: blogtalkradio I think will be an hour off. It thinks we’re on Mountain time, when in fact we’re on Pacific right now.

and African Press International – API (Norway) have agreed on the wording of the notice below now being made public”

To whom it may concern

This is to inform members of the public that there is Attorney/Client relationship between:

555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12,
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
Office: (610) 825-3134
Fax: (610) 662-3005
Att: Phil J. Berg or Lisa Liberi



Subject matter: The Michelle Obama tapes.

In case of legal questions pertaining to the above subject, members of the public are asked to contact the Law Offices directly.

Any other matters of no legal character may be directed to API’s Chief
Editor Korir by email: or +4793299739.

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API


  1. rosettasister Says:

    See also:

  2. calli Says:

    Is Berg being set up too? I don’t trust anyone!!! I was always told, don’t believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see until otherwise proven!! I would also like to say Obama’s middle class tax cut is a gimic to aid in his spreading of the wealth . Middle income tax payers will get a reality check with filing their income tax!! Most likely some will be paying tax and those who didn’t pay any tax will be sent a check compliments from the middleclass!!

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Juliezzz Says:
    October 22, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    If there were no agreement Berg would have came out and said so immediately.

    At the very least MommaE from blog talk radio who is in contact with berg very frequently would have been told it wasn’t true.

    Berg has to hear the tapes to confirm so…we shall soon know if he’s heard the tapes.

  4. calli Says:

    Lets hope this is true!! Why hasn’t Obama left for Hawaii!! If that was my grandmother, I would have dropped everything to be by her side!! I could understand if he was president but that’s not the case!! I have heard he didn’t visit his sick mother when she was ill and didn’t go to the funeral!! Are these just rumors!! Family values???? Where is the Oct susprise? I don’t think republicans have one!!! Obama’s on tv now, I can’t stand to even look at him!! I turned the channel!! Everytime I think about the way he and his cult followers did Hillary, It makes me sick!!! Oh, lets not forget about the msm and maybe acorn!!!

  5. Myke Says:

    I agree. I can’t even stand to look at him. He is pulling off the biggest scam of all time. Just a con man. I haven’t seen one person in his past that isn’t a crook or terrorist. Didn’t he and Michelle have any friends thru high school and college or were all their friends the same people in Wrights congregation?

  6. rosettasister Says:

    See also:

    I hope you can appreciate cinie’s humor:

    Well, well, well. African Press International, API, they of the “Michelle Obama called us pissed about people questioning her husband’s citizenship status” tapes “scandal,” is now saying they have officially retained attorney Philip Berg, he of one of the “If you’re really a citizen, Barack, prove it,” lawsuits fame. Here’s API’s statement, or should I say, latest installment of As The WORM Turns:

    Okay, this started on the 15, and now it’s a week later and we’re still waiting for some mythical tapes. Sounds fishy. But, then again, we’re still waiting for Obama to produce his birth certificate in any one of the lawsuits demanding it. Maybe he’ll find it while he’s in Hawaii.

    Heh, heh, heh.

    And cinie’s taste in music.

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Philip J Berg, Update, October 22, 2008, Motion for Summary Judgement, API, African Press International, Michelle Obama tape update

  8. calli Says:

    Funny how none of Obama’s friends from the school and college has ever come out on Obama’s behalf!! What has he done in Illinois for the people? Not one person or persons has come forward all these months and said how Obama has impacted their life for the good deeds he has done except for acorn!! Crime is up in his state!!
    Everyone has said what a good campaign the Obama camp has run!! No one knows what goes on behind closed doors!! How much of those donations went to hush money? Wright sure did get a sweet heart of a deal with that million dollar mansion and the large, large line of credit!!
    I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank as they have pulled off this scam of a lifetime!! Only crooks would know how to pull something like this off!! Only a crook would know!! Lies and deceit, this is what comes to mind!!

  9. rosettasister Says:

    It makes me crazy how disjointed Andy Martin’s posts are.

    The strange silence of Barack Obama’s grandmother

    Andy Martin’s investigative team digs for the truth. Is Obama using his ill grandmother as a beard to conceal his true concern: a release of the original copy of his 1961 birth certificate?

    The Obama investigation in Hawai’i, Part Two
    Obama’s Hawai’i Years: The truth finally revealed
    Obama’s tortured family life and secrets

    Executive Editor

    “Factually Correct, Not
    Politically Correct”

  10. rosettasister Says:

    Zach Jones is also blogging on this:

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