“Michelle Obama tapes’ imminent release approaching: API in a serious negotiation with FOX NEWS on the best way forward”



API has an ongoing discussion with FOX NEWS on the best way forward in the process of releasing Michelle Obama tapes to the American people.

API hopes the negotiation will be completed as soon as possible so that the tapes can be made available to FOX NEWS in the next few days and specifically before the voting day – the 4th of November.

API will make use of Legal Representation in the US when finalising the hand-over of the tapes and on any legal matters that may arise after the contents of the tapes become public.

We want to thank all our readers – those who have managed to be patient and also those who have exhibited total impatience. We assure them that an agreement will be reached soon between API and FOX NEWS one way or another, so that API fulfills the promise it gave to the readers.

The important thing we want the readers to know is how the tapes will be handled once it finally leaves API’s custody. API has confidence in FOX NEWS and will allow them to decide whether the tapes will be aired in full, edited or unedited. Once the tapes are released to FOX NEWS as per agreement that will be arrived at between the parties, API believes that FOX NEWS is competent enough to decide on how to proceed in handling the tapes because – better than us in API – they know what is best for the American listeners.

Some may not understand why this has taken long to accomplish. Sensitive issues requires careful steps so that nobody gets hurt in the process. People have questioned why the delay. API wanted to take time and make a good choice on the way forward and we can now happily say we are on the right track and hopefully you do not have to wait for long before your wishes are fulfilled.

Now that the release of the tapes is imminent, as soon as an agreement is reached, API hopes that those who finally gets access to its contents will use them wisely, in a way that brings the American people closer to one another despite their political allienation and to be above racial behaviour and work together for a better United American Nation. API does not wish to see the information from the tapes being misused by those who may wish to satisfy their own interests and achieve a particular aim.

The release of the tapes will take place without costs to any one. The negotiation between API and FOX NEWS bears no sign of money involved and that has been API’s wish all along.

Published by Chief Editor Korir /African Press International – API.

Letters to Chief Editor Korir:





Please take a moment to view this video.

Sometimes it’s hard to escape the negativity.

Especially when one engages the “enemy.”

A video montage set to the music of Three Dog Night’s “Black and White”

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    See also:

    “Michelle Obama tapes may be released by API to Fox News”


  2. calli Says:

    Is this for real or is it somehow used to set up Fox News?? Why would Michelle Obama take a risk like this!! She is very educated, she should know better!!!She does seem to be more pleasant when things go her way and when it doesn’t she shows anger!!

  3. rosettasister Says:

    See also:




  4. rosettasister Says:

    Mr Korir,

    oliver burkeman still thinks he has all the answers:

    “Important questions to which the answer is ‘no’, part four”


    Is the previously unheard-of, Norway-based African news agency with only a WordPress.com website — the one responsible for reporting a furious phone call from Michelle Obama last week — about to release to the US media a set of “interview tapes” that will show “the truth about [her] true personality”? [African Press International]

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Veuillez corriger mon français.


    API et Fox News API and Fox News

    African Press International déclare sur son site qu’elle est entrain de négocier avec la chaîne américaine Fox News pour diffuser la cassette audio de Michelle Obama dans laquelle elle s’attaquerait au “blancs racistes”.

    African Press International said on its website that it is in negotiations with the American Fox News channel to broadcast the audio tape of Michelle Obama in which it would address the “white racist”.

    ATTENTION: il s’agit d’une rumeur en attente d’être confirmée ou infirmée.

    CAUTION: This is a rumor waiting to be confirmed or ruled out.

    Publié par Amaury à l’adresse 23:52 Published by Amaury

  6. rosettasister Says:

    “Release Of API Tapes Imminent”


    By Nancy Matthis | Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Audiotapes of Michelle Obama alternately threatening and cajoling bloggers over their coverage of her husband’s presidential campaign are soon to be released on Fox News, according to African Press International (API).

    For those who are tuning in late, this is a credible group of African bloggers with journalistic credentials who have been operating unheralded for the last two years, providing general news coverage of events in Africa. Many of their nineteen reporters are actually in African countries, but their posting is headquartered in the relative safety of the Norwegian diaspora.

    Back on October 13, Israel eNews posted an article describing the conflicting stories about Obama’s birth, and cited the Philip Berg lawsuit requiring Obama to produce a valid birth certificate. On October 14 API simply quoted the story, thinking it would be of interest to their African readers. API did not take a position on the story pro or con — they simply shared the Israel eNews material with their readers, leaving the readers to make their own judgement about the merits of the story.

    To the complete surprise of the API folk, their Africa-targeted report caused a firestorm in the American Blogosphere. This apparently earned the wrath of Michelle Obama, who was reportedly put in touch with API by a mutual contact in Africa. The entire drama that unfolded then is described in our earlier article — Michelle Obama’s “Whitey” Moment.

    The folk at API were truly caught off guard. They had never intended anything like this. Suddenly they were caught between demands of American conservatives for release of the tapes, and threats of legal action from Obama supporters. They had not advised Michelle Obama that the call was being recorded, something that they likely did not from nefarious motives but simply to take notes.

    Understandably, it took API some time to seek counsel and cover for their predicament. The liberals have used the intervening time to attempt to discredit these ordinary bloggers, in much the same vicious way that they went after “Joe the Plumber.” And the original Israel eNews article has, at the time of this posting, been taken off-line. But not to worry, we have archived a copy here at ADMC!

    If the current negotiations go through, Fox News is a good choice from the viewpoint of those in the US who simply want to know the truth. Any of the other networks are likely to excerpt the tapes in such a way as to make the material meaningless, or at least to hide the attempted intimidation. And if the Obama juggernaut is going to threaten our freedom of speech, we would like to know now.

  7. rosettasister Says:

    “Why would Michelle Obama take a risk like this!!”

    “She is very educated, she should know better!!!”

    Good question, calli.

    And you’re right, she should know better.

    You’re probably wondering why I believe Mr Korir.

    Same reason I believe Larry.

    I feel I’ve gotten to know them both over time and I trust that they’re telling me the truth.

    Some would call that being gullible.

    True enough.

    But not necessarily wrong.

  8. Devon Kearney Says:

    Thanks for taking note of our site, http://www.StopDogWhistleRacism.com. To make it clear what we do, StopDog is a news aggregator that seeks to compile all the news and commentary on how race factors into electoral politics and policy debates, with a particular interest in “symbolic racism” – the ways in which political messages can seek to prime unconscious racial hostility or anxiety. Check us out!

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