“Newssite to Michelle Obama: Admit we had a talk” ‘Avoid embarrassment,’ agency says, ‘It is the only right thing to do’


Jeff Schreiber feels his http://www.americasright.com blog is heavens above the mere mortals at API.

Mr Korir:

Jeff Schreiber is quoting Philip Berg as saying the following:


Philip Berg, in our conversation this evening, was similarly dissapointed by the apparent backtracking by the folks at African Press International.

“Everything depends upon what they actually have,” Berg said, mentioning what was reported earlier as an apparent attorney-client relationship in the works between him and API. “I need to speak with them again.

I asked him why he would agree to talk about representation without seeing, firsthand, the evidence in question. Berg said that the representation talks were essentially in preliminary stages, and nothing was set in stone.

“They supposedly have documentation confirming the telephone records,” he said. “I will only represent them if they provide me with the documentation that they said they have, including the telephone records and the audiotape. Otherwise, if they provide me with nothing of what they promised, I will not be associated with them.”

Jeff Schreiber

MommaE discusses her communications with Chief Editor Korir and the Ed Hale connection.


Scroll down to:


and click on

“Special Guest”

MommaE will be on My Two Cents Radio Show Tonight 10/20/08 11PM Eastern 8PM Pacific


She and her host will probably be discussing her communications with API Chief Editor Korir and the Ed Hale connection.

Apparently Mr Korir has been in contact with MommaE (Evelyn Adams).

And Mr Korir was also in contact with Ed Hale.

But each part of this strange triumvirate was not aware that the other parts were in contact with or knew one another.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Ed Hale has been on MommaE’s youknowwhat list for a good long while.

rosettasister Says:
October 21, 2008 at 2:30 am

Mr Korir

I’m listening to MommaE (Evelyn Adams) right now.

She didn’t have a clue you were in contact with Ed Hale.

Small world, no?!

rosettasister Says:
October 21, 2008 at 12:33 am

One more thing, Mr Korir

I don’t know if you remember the link I sent you of MommaE (Evelyn Adams) interviewing Jerome Corsi.

This is where Jerome Corsi claims he was told by a Kenyan official that “It was Odinga who made the call to get you apprehended.”

Well, this same MommaE used to broadcast with Ed Hale at Plains Radio.

No longer, she can’t stand him either.

Why not let MommaE interview you?

That would be rich!


RED ALERT ON FORGERY OF EMAILS: Ed Hale forges document – emails between us and himself om Obama saga


We have just been lucky to get email copies that Ed Hale attached to his comment on out site. API is totally shocked that ED Hale has forged the emails adding sentences to make API look bad so that he comes out the good guy.

We have now downloaded the copies of his emails and coampared with the original emails that were send to him from us.

IN our emails, there is no mention of money at all. He has added sentences in our emails. He has also limmed some sentences on one of his own emails and when we compare the original he send to us, there is no mention of money and yet the one he has now posted with the comment has money issues.

Ed has simply committed a crime and he will not go free!

Alert from API



The news agency that claimed Michelle Obama called to protest its coverage of WND stories about her husband has published an “open letter” to the potential first lady, suggesting she “confirm that we had a talk because it is the only right thing to do now.”

The statement from Norway-based African Press International , however, simply heightened the doubts readers have expressed over whether the tape exists and whether the reported conversation ever happened.

Among the newest opinions about API:

  • “A wonderful lesson in Scamming 101.”
  • “Just what is happening?”
  • “Stop this now. Produce the tapes or shut up.”
  • Either play the tapes unedited or stop this hoax.”

API’s “open letter” said its goal was to “avoid any embarrassment should the whole tape be aired unedited.”

“You are well aware of our discussions touching on thorny issues like Iran’s good trade relationship with Kenya and the fact Kenya may play a role in mending the relationpship between Iran and the U.S. so that healthy trade relationship may be achieved. … Remember the depth of our talk on other issues of importance, ” the letter said. “We both know that our talk was – a sister to brother talk – black to black person talk – in the African perspective.

“API is interested in handling this matter in a good and reasonable way so that we may not be forced to release the tapes in its entirety. We do not want to be party to causing unnecessary chaos before the elections. If you just come forward and confirm that there was a call you placed to API, that will enable API to be out of it and nobody will continue to demand that we air unedited tape, but that we can release the one with information that is already known to the public,” the letter said.

Obama campaign officials have stated that the telephone call never happened. .

African Press International just hours earlier said it had agreed to work with the law offices of Philip J. Berg in its pursuit of a way to release copies of the tape recordings it has claimed to possess.

“API has realized that the interview with Mrs. Obama is of great significance in the coming elections. The release of the tapes is not intended to derail the elections or to destroy the chances that Mr. Obama may have in getting elected the first black president of the United States,” the organization said today. .

“Many networks have contacted us and due to the fact that we in API do not know them from before, it took time to go through all requests from the networks that took contact with us and to choose one that will air the tapes unedited,” the organization said. “API is not interested in selling the tapes to any network. Our demand is that the tapes must be aired unedited by the network that we finally select.”

Jeff Schreiber of America’s Right blog said he’s contacted Berg, who also is pursuing a legal case challenging Obama’s presidential candidacy on the suspicion that he actually was born someplace other than his listed birthplace of Hawaii.

“I asked Philip Berg, via e-mail, whether or not he thought the API/Michelle Obama tapes were real and whether they would in fact be released within the next day or so as Chief Editor Korir maintains,” Schreiber wrote.

“His answer was simple… ‘Yes,'” Schreiber reported.

WND has requested that API release the audio recordings and sought a comment from Berg today, but he did not return telephone and e-mail messages.

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    “Now API Says ‘Fess Up, Michelle…Or Else”


    Man, oh, man, “As The World Turns” has got nothing on this story.

    After promising to release audio tapes of Michelle Obama going off on white people at 16:00 hours Norway time,

    now African Press International (API) is giving her an unspecified amount of time to come clean,

    or they’re going to spill the beans all over her.

    Baby, bay-bay!

    In their “Open Letter to Michelle Obama,” someone who I assume is Cheif Editor Korir, says they’ve talked to a CIA official in Norway:

    Cinie’s musical selection:

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