“News agency seeks outlet for Michelle Obama tapes” ”Promises to show campaign is covering up her rant calling Corsi ‘evil’”



The African Press International news agency – which reported that Michelle Obama called to protest its coverage of WND stories about her husband, characterized the source of the material as “racist” and described WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi as “evil” – has announced it is clear of legal hurdles and is seeking an American news source to distribute audio recordings of Michelle Obama’s phone call.

An announcement printed on the press agency’s website reads, “API is soon to conclude an agreement on which of the media channels in the US is to air the Michelle Obama tapes. This has come about because many news channels have shown great interest in getting the tapes so that they air to the American people before the elections.”

API has delayed releasing the tapes before, saying it was offering Michelle Obama an opportunity to “come clean” and it was seeking legal counsel to avoid a lawsuit from the Obama campaign.

The latest announcement again cites legal worries for the delay.

“We are also seeking to agree with the particular channel that we will finally choose to give the tapes to, that they study the US laws properly so that we are not sued,” the announcement reads. “Some have informed us that there are some states in the country that do not have laws that the Obama’s can use in attacking API. It may be wise that the tapes get aired in such a State to avoid court cases being filed against us.

“The important thing we are discussing with the US news networks is if they are ready to take the whole responsibility in case the Obama camp reacts using the courts,” the statement reads.

As WND reported, API said Michelle Obama called to accuse the agency of “colluding with American Internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband.”

The Obama campaign, however, immediately denied there had been any telephone call from Michelle Obama, calling the alleged conversation “not real” and “made up.”

Several news sources have eagerly anticipated the promised release of the audio tapes in order to determine which camp is telling the truth.

API Chief Editor Korir explained in an earlier statement the intense response news of the tapes’ existence has created.

“A number of Americans who are die-hard Obama followers have tried their best to intimidate API using all kinds of threatening methods when they call in and when they e-mail us,” the API statement said. “They are implying that API is planning to destroy Obama’s chances to become the next U.S. president. API does not have a direct interest in the U.S. presidential elections and we want Obama supporters to understand that. However, when someone who may become the next first lady makes such comments as in the story we have published, the public have the right to know. Intimidation directed to the publishers of the story is not the answer.

“The delay to make public the recordings is expected to give time to Mrs. Obama to come clean and tell the American people that her comments were not meant to harm anyone but that she was reacting to the media pressure on her husband. She should also come out and tell the American people that she will not discriminate those who are not Obama fanatics if she becomes the first lady,” the initial statement said.

Those on the other side of the political fence also were told to back off.

“Those who do not support Obama are actively pushing for the release of the recordings also, and we understand them very well. In many telephone conversations with them we, however, get disturbed when we realize that most of them want the recordings to be released because they want to use it to stop Senator Obama from being elected president. They state clearly that if the story is true and released now, the contents will sa[v]e America from a constitutional crisis that may come if things come out after the elections that proves Obama was adopted by a foreigner, thus, disqualifying him from the presidency,” Korir wrote.

“API is not out to convince the American public of anything. We do not want to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections. API got a true story and published it. The fact that the story has caused a stir was unexpected, but that does not mean API must rush in a manner that will cause problems to itself, just to satisfy those who want the audio tapes so badly,” the first statement said. “When the legal concerns are cleared, which is happening in a short while, API will make public all the recordings available. This will also include comments, not yet published, which will most certainly put the Obama campaign spokesperson who had dismissed the story off balance.”

After the initial API report, Tommy Vietor, an Obama campaign spokesman, told National Review’s Byron York the conversation didn’t happen.

“The answer is no, it’s not real, the report is made up. She did not speak to the organization,” Vietor said, according to York’s report on National Review Online’s blog “The Corner.”

According to the API, the promised tapes should confirm that Michelle Obama did, in fact, scold the agency for not supporting the “African-American view.”

“African Press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” she reportedly said. “It is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a stepfather. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by his stepfather. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that my husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner.”

API asked Michelle Obama to comment on the detention of Corsi during his visit last week to Kenya, where he was investigating the presidential candidate’s links to a controversial strongman serving as prime minister.

“When API asked Mrs. Obama to comment on why Dr. Corsi was arrested by the Kenyan government and whether she thought Kenya’s prime minister, Mr. Raila Odinga, was involved in Dr. Corsi’s arrest, she got irritated and simply told API not to dig [into] that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency,” the publication reported.

API also said the Democratic candidate’s wife had some clear instructions for the publication.

“Mrs. Obama asked API to write a good story about her husband and that will earn API an invitation to the inauguration ceremony when, as she put it, her husband will be installed as the next President of the United States of America next year,” the report said.



“Thank you API! The site you are releasing this tape to is one of the most listened to shows that I know of. It is a very respected, the host is honorable and your wishes will be followed. Within 24 hrs. of receiving the tape it will be aired.

Im very sorry to read all the smear attacks you are receiving. I had know idea people could have so much venom against someone trying to do the right thing. API I can guarantee you that the person you are releasing the tape to will have the utmost respect for you and your site and carry out your wishes to the letter.”


Author : CandyCane

Do not doubt that the tapes are real. They will be released in the next 24 hours here in the United States. This is not a hoax, it is really going to happen. I will post later on and tell you where you can go to listen to them. They will be played in full without any editing.


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  1. rosettasister Says:

    I interpreted this as CandyCane saying this or Rogertheboss, not Korir.

    Did I miss something?

    “African Press International Insists Michelle Obama Tapes to be Released Within 24 Hours”


    From the API Web site:
    The Obama tapes to be released
    Posted by africanpress on October 20, 2008

    Author : CandyCane (IP: , c-68-34-200-85.hsd1.tn.comcast.net)
    E-mail : Rogertheboss@comcast.net
    URL :
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    Do not doubt that the tapes are real. They will be released in the next 24 hours here in the United States. This is not a hoax, it is really going to happen. I will post later on and tell you where you can go to listen to them. They will be played in full without any editing.

    You know, folks, I really hope that I’m dead wrong on this one. I’ve said from the beginning that the article in question, standing alone and without supporting evidence, wasn’t enough to convince me of the authenticity of the statements, but if the tapes surfaced and were real, obviously all bets were off.

    Should I be wrong on this (and even over and beyond this post at API’s Web site, I have reason to believe that I am), I will gladly own up to it — once I’m finished doing the dance of joy in my living room.

    I asked Philip Berg, via e-mail, whether or not he thought the API/Michelle Obama tapes were real and whether they would in fact be released within the next day or so as Chief Editor Korir maintains. His answer was simple, and firm.

    “Yes,” Berg wrote.

    I will say that there is more to this that I simply cannot report. Still, keep checking here for updates. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed, and know that I am doing the same.

    Posted by Jeff Schreiber

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Village Voice blogging this is significant:

    “Prole Reversal: GOP Bigs Sounding More Like Rightbloggers”


    Posted by Roy Edroso at 12:09 AM, October 20, 2008

    Their credulity grows apace with their desperation. Take, for example, the Michelle Obama rumor. No, not that one,


    the new one.

    Heretofore unheard-of news agency African Press International published a fanciful
    interview “on telefon” with Michelle Obama,


    in which the eloquent, well-educated Mrs. Obama is made to sound like a street peddler for whom English is not a first language (“All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country”). Rightbloggers assemble! “The Obamedia probably won’t touch this,” said Gateway Pundit.


    “Michelle Obama’s temper tantrum… hasn’t been reported by the mainstream media but it is a very hot topic in the Blogosphere,” assured NewsBusters.


    Some were more weaselly. Confederate Yankee,


    after getting in up to his elbows (“Michelle Obama’s caricature in the New Yorker as a black nationalist suddenly isn’t so funny”), suddenly headed for the washbasin: “Take it for what it’s worth… I’ll let this play out as it will.” Wake Up America


    reported the story as fact (“The African Press International got under Michelle Obama’s skin and she came out swinging”) before affecting a fair ‘n’ balanced perspective (“Is it true? API is standing behind it”).

    The laughter


    of sane observers just made them angry. “As long as we cannot get this information to the average American,” despaired RedState,


    “we will not be able to stop this madness.”

    And some, of course, blamed the media — not the made-up outlet that spread this crap story, but that other media which has been the bete noir of rightwingers since time immemorial. “I do think that [API’s] Mr. Korir should release an audiotape should he have one, and I do think that his credibility depends upon it,” said Jeff Schreiber.


    “That, however, has less to do with Mr. Korir as it does with the nature of the media, the Internet and the times as a whole.”

    Meanwhile API kept upping the ante,


    claiming it would release tapes of the harangue, and added more unbelievable details (“Mrs. Obama asked API to write a good story about her husband and that will earn API an invitation to the inauguration ceremony when, as she put it, her husband will be installed as the next President of the United States of America next year”).

    The circle was completed by Jammie Wearing Fool,


    who suggested that the API report may be “a clever bit of astroturfing by the Obama camp trying to dupe people into running with bogus information.” (Why would they bother?)

  3. calli Says:

    This is a hoax!! Obama has pulled out all the stops!! I guess you are relieved there is no tape!! I guess Larry Sinclair must be made up as well!! Obama wants the non supporters to get their hopes up! Who does a person trust??? My first choice was Hillary and now John Mccain!! Some are saying why bother to vote since the presidency will be handed to obama by cheating, voter fraud!! I feel for Mccain!! Just give Obama the dang keys to the white house!! I want be watching!!
    People donated 160 million to Obama last month alone.Obama talks about how bad the economy is but not once does he say to the american people, keep your money!! I guess 5, 10 dollars is just change to some people!!
    Looking back, I think certain people voted for Mccain because they thought him to be beatable because of his age!!

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