McCain 274 – Obama 264 McCain must win the following states and where things stand now.


Wednesday 10/22/08 Update:

This was most accurate poll in 2004:

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Ten

Obama 45.7 McCain 42.0 Not Sure 12.3

Wednesday 10/22/08 Update:

I sure hope the McCain campaign is concentrating resources in Virginia and Colorado.

Virginia Obama 54 McCain 44

Colorado Obama 51 McCain 46


Florida McCain 49 Obama 48

Missouri Obama 49 McCain 44

North Carolina Obama 51 McCain 48

Nevada Obama 50 McCain 45

Ohio McCain 49 Obama 47

These numbers are the latest from Rasmussen. I still maintain they cannot possibly reflect all the undecideds.

Tuesday the percent of “not sure” was still at 12.1%.

Will update later.

Tuesday Update:

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Nine

Monday Update:

DAY 8 (OCT 20 RELEASE) 10/15 to 10/19

46.7% Obama

41.4% McCain

11.9% Not Sure

Sunday Update:

DAY 7 (OCT 19 RELEASE) 10/14 to 10/18

46.6% Obama

41.5% McCain

11.9% Not Sure


IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Six

DAY 6 (OCT 18 RELEASE) 10/13 to 10/17

47.2% Obama

39.8% McCain

13.0% Not Sure


It appears as though New Mexico is going for Obama.

So my new prediction is McCain 274 – Obama 264.

And I’m sticking to it! Really!

Click on link below to see rosetta’s electoral map.|content=111101000110101011100000111110000111100011111010101

In order for John McCain to achieve this, he must win all of the following states and where things stand now.

Toss Ups:

Missouri: Obama 52% McCain 46% Missouri Obama 49, McCain 44

North Carolina: Obama, McCain Tied 48% 48% North Carolina Obama 51, McCain 48

Nevada: Obama By Five 50% 45%

McCain-Obama Tied in Ohio 49% 49% Ohio Obama 47, McCain 49

Virginia: Obama 50% McCain 47%

And these two states are crucial:

Obama 52%, McCain 45% in Colorado Colorado Obama 51, McCain 46

Florida: Obama 51%, McCain 46% Florida Obama 48, McCain 49

Now, Rasmussen is good, but these numbers can’t possibly reflect all the Undecideds.

The following poll was the most accurate in 2004:

Let not your heart be troubled.

This thing ain’t over yet!

3 Responses to “McCain 274 – Obama 264 McCain must win the following states and where things stand now.”

  1. calli Says:

    Hi sisterosetta,
    Thanks for the encouragement!! I wasn’t complaining about being broke, just explaining!! I am blessed in many ways!! I am so thankful!!
    I know for a fact that republicans and independents voted for Obama and Hillary in the primary but is now voting for Mccain!! This was in 3 states!!!

  2. rosettasister Says:

    “I am blessed in many ways!! I am so thankful!!”

    I love your spirit, calli!

    “I know for a fact that republicans and independents voted for Obama and Hillary in the primary”

    So, this was in states where you didn’t have to be a registered Democrat to vote in Dem primary?

  3. calli Says:

    Hi Rosettasister,
    No one did anything wrong as far as the way they voted! This I know!! I know one thing I will not being voting for Barack Hussein Obama come nov 4th!!! It’s not because he is black!! I don’t have a problem voting for an african american!! Obama is not the one!! No media has really vetted him!! They vetted Joe the plumber more than they have Obama!! Shame on them!!
    Tell your friends at msnbc, nbc, cnn to do their jobs as journalists!! Maybe you should replace them!! Ever thought about applying!!

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