“We are prepared to turn over the keys to the government to someone who hasn’t even proven he meets the basic constitutional requirement.” Advance Indiana


The Burghers of Calais by August Rodin. This is in the Musée Rodin. The sculpture is based on the fall of the city to English invaders. The elders decided hand over the keys to the city and to sacrifice their lives to them so that the city would be spared by the invaders. The sculpture depicts the various burghers and the different expressions they have on their face as they are led to their deaths.

I have a great deal of respect for Advance Indiana:


Advance Indiana said…

Again, IPOPA (Chris Worden), you fail to grasp the legal issue. It does not involve the question of whether Obama had and lost U.S. citizenship.

It is whether he can be considered a “natural born” citizen only within the meaning of Article II for purposes of being president of the United States.

He appears to have held citizenship in no fewer than three different countries. This “natural born” requirement applies only to one seeking to run for president.

It has nothing to do with the citizenship status of other persons. As for losing faith in our electoral system, your Democratic Party and its ACORN organization are doing a pretty good job at that.

You don’t want Voter ID. You want people to be able to show up, claim to be a voter without proper ID, instantly register and cast a vote immediately.

The Ohio Secretary of State who refused to verify newly registered voters until ordered by the Court of Appeals is sitting on more than 200,000 problem registrations.

Your party is doing everything it can to undermine confidence in the system. I’m simply asking that a candidate for the highest office in the land show the American people proof that he is in fact a “natural born” citizen.

The guy won’t even produce his original birth certificate for God’s sake. What are we to think.

I feel like I’m living in another world where people like you can actually believe there is something wrong with requiring candidates for president to prove they meet the constitutional requirement of the office.

As I’ve stated before, as an immigration lawyer, I’m required to submit more documentation to our government to prove a person’s status on behalf of a person seeking a simple immigrant benefit than Obama is being required to submit for the most powerful elected position in our government.

The guy couldn’t even qualify for a national security clearance if he applied for a job requiring such with our government because of his past associations.

Yet, we are prepared to turn over the keys to the government to someone who hasn’t even proven he meets the basic constitutional requirement.

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