“The Michelle Obama story sparks outcry in the US – The Americans demand that API makes public the Audio recording” API Chief Editor Korir


A Very Uncharitable Update from Jeff Schreiber and a Comment I Left at His Blog:



A new entry at the African Press International Web site admonishes me for publishing the e-mail exchange between editor-in-chief Korir and WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi. Let me be perfectly clear here:

I had express authorization from Jerome Corsi to make public the e-mail exchange in question. I am not out to mince words, fabricate facts, or slander anybody. In fact, even last night I questioned whether or not the initial article at African Press International was indeed a complete fraud, and therefore an example of API’s decision to knowingly publish inaccurate information about and fabricated statements falsely associated with Michelle Obama. If anyone should be looking over their shoulder for a libel suit, it’s the folks at African Press International.

That is, unless they can provide evidence of the conversation which had purportedly taken place between their staff and the wife of a major–the major–American presidential candidate.

In the recent article, the editorial staff at African Press International maintains that they are indeed in possession of an audio recording, that it will “be released when we are satisfied it is not intended to be misused in any way or for any gains by an group,” and that the Barack Obama campaign should not be so quick to denounce the statements made by API as patently false.

“They should wait until they get all the facts on the table before making any conclussions [sic],” the article reads. “They should not think they control all calls Mrs. Obama makes.”

With this recent non-admission, I’m resigned to say that I was correct to begin with. This whole thing smelled like a complete fraud. While it may have succeeded in drawing more attention to the questions surrounding the Illinois senator and to Philip Berg’s lawsuit in particular, we should wash our hands of this matter unless audiotape or certified telephone log evidence is released.

As one of the readers here at America’s Right wrote, perfectly, to me in an e-mail: “It sounds like someone is trying to get me to buy a car and ship it to their second cousin in Nigeria.”

Agreed. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Comment Left at Jeff’s Blog:


You’re being a real ass about this.

Mr. Korir is a good man.

You should see what he is having to endure from commenters at his site.

Perhaps Jerome Corsi should not have shared those emails with you.

And perhaps you should have thought twice before publishing them.

A little humility goes a long way.


Posted by africanpress on October 16, 2008

The reaction to the following story Shocking development: Mrs Obama decides enough is enough: “My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his step father, does that make him unpatriotic; she asks”, on a direct telephone to API., necessitates that we inform our readers on the following:

1. API had a telephone call from Mrs Obama after consultations with Nairobi. We will avail all the details and what transpired so that all interested parties may understand that the story is not fake.

2. API has no interest in the outcome of the US elections and we do not partner with any group in the promotion of any candidate for the presidency.

3. Our recordings will be released when we are satisfied it is not intended to be misused in any way or for any gains by an group.

Today, API has replied to some emails from different people who wanted to know more about the story and others who wanted to get the audio recording emailed. However, we were shocked to learn that the emails were published on different blogs – made public. Our replies to the emails were not intended for publication.

Although we are not hiding anything, we would like to release all the information in the right way in order to avoid misunderstandings that may put us into problems with the Obama’s. We do not want to land into legal disputes with anyone.

The Obama campaign spokesperson(s) should not be quick to dismis the story as false. They should wait until they get all the facts on the table before making any conclussions. They should not think they control all calls Mrs Obama makes.

The timing of the interview should not be faulted on us. It was Mrs Obama who contacted us, not API who took the initiative.

API requests all readers to be patient. They will get all the facts very soon, now that we have realised the importance of the story to them.

By Chief Editor Korir

African Press International – API

Needless to say, Mr. Korir has been bombarded with emails. And he has chosen to publish several of them.







Jeff Schreiber Update:


Another intervening motion was filed today in the ongoing federal suit against Barack Obama. This motion, filed pro se by “U.S. Citizen and voter” Judson Witham of Provo, Utah, is the third such motion for leave to intervene filed in this case. As I mentioned when the others were filed, I feel as though we should continue to focus our attention on the case-in-chief.

Counting this and the other two intervening motions, there are now nine pending motions in the Berg v. Obama action. The others include Berg’s motion for expedited discovery, Obama and the DNC’s motion to dismiss, Berg’s opposition to the motion to dismiss, Berg’s motion for leave to file amended complaint, Obama and the DNC’s motion for protective order, and Berg’s response to the motion for protective order.

Just a reminder — despite the perceived delay, the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick is well within his discretion here, and may very likely hand down an order (possibly addressing all pending pleadings) this week. Or he may not. Please continue to check America’s Right for updates.

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  3. Angelica Says:

    I found this on API website. The phone numbers are different. Maybe the editor has his own number. For what it is worth.

    African Press International Headquarters is based in Norway.

    African Press International will have five branch offices spread as follows: East, Central, West, Southern Africa and one in the United Kingdom

    API has 19 News Corresspondents and keeps recruiting more.
    To contact API use the following possibilities:
    Telephone in Norway: +4793299739
    Telephone in the UK: +442032868641

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    Thanks, Angelica, for the info!

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