“Barack Obama Revealed, A Dire Warning from an African American” Jazzman


Ok I’m displaying the PEACE sign here in this one. Peace people please. I’m a nice guy really.



I have been hoping I would never have to write this article. I hoped it would never get to this point, which would force me to openly speak out against the first African American to seriously have a chance to be elected President of the United States.

But after reviewing all the Stanley Kurtz material on Barack Obama/Bill Ayers relationship, I’ve come to the conclusion Barack Obama is definitely under the influence of a radical ideology that is so dangerous, it could literally pose a danger to the very existence of the United States, especially when we have an economy already in crises, and a war in progress against one of the greatest threats we have ever faced, in Islamic terrorism. (Photo to the right is William Ayers mug shot taken upon arrest by Chicago police in 1968 – just before Ayers began his campaign in the early 70’s – bombing campaign that is, not political)

I know Barack Obama. No I haven’t met Barack Obama personally, but I know many African Americans like him. African Americans who were born in the 1950’s and early 1960’s who are now in their 40 and 50’s in age. I am of that generation.

Based on things I have heard and read of his associations in the 90’s with Bill Ayers and others,, when he was 34 and not 8 years old (as Barack relates his age to the bombing apex of Ayers, instead of when his true interaction occurred), I believe Barack Obama is one of those people with a basic belief that America is an evil and racist nation that needs radical change. I not only believe that of Barack, but of his wife Michelle too, who early in his campaign let slip her true feelings about this country.

I too once held that same bitterness, and I won’t claim it doesn’t some time well up in me. But I finally rejected , and am able to overcome the hatred and bitterness, as I came to understand through my Christian spiritual experience what the true causes of racism and all other hatred and disputes between humans truly stem from.

But I truly doubt Barack and Michelle have rejected their hidden rage and bitterness, under the warped hateful Afro-centric version of Christianity , which they were subjected to for many years under the pastor-ship Rev Jeremiah Wright.

My warning to all Americans both white and black (those AA’s who can overcome the vote black impulse) is that in Barack Obama, you are not getting Bill Cosby, you are getting a very well disguised version of Louis Farrakhan.

The question you need to ask yourself now and on Nov 4th is this.

Do you really want to put the toxic cocktail of a character mentored and tutored by Rev Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers in the White House?

Especially when this country is facing economic and security issues so critical our very existence is threatened.

I do not.

Some African Americans will read this and brand me a traitor for this article. I say to them what good is changing America from what you may believe is bad to something much worse, for the small satisfaction of being able to say we have a black man in the White House.

So personally, with conflicting feeling about it, I’m rejecting the first African American nominated for the Presidency, for what I honestly believe is the future good and well being of this country.

I hope all those reading this will give serious consideration to what I present here, and do so too.

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  1. Mai Says:

    I truly truly respect your courage and honesty. Like you, I am also a minority (asian) but I do not want to vote for a man who is so far off in the left. Whoever survives communism/socialism like myself will know Obama is not fit to be US president.

    Thank you for the posting.

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