“Obama is clearly a narcissist with little capability to distinguish reality from fiction.”


Envy of Narcissism

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· on October 9, 2008 at 3:08 pm

25 Obama and Ayers Will Destroy America

I said “I believe” because Davis the communist has written about his own pedophilia, about his bisexuality, and because he had close one on one interactions with Obama in his youth as a “mentor” for years.

Also, because I’ve read Larry Sinclair’s story thoroughly– Sinclair is a disabled gay man with nothing to gain by disclosing his gay sex and drug use with Obama, except that in so doing it probably saved his own life.

Sinclair provides evidence, and he was clearly sandbagged by Obama’s whitehouse.com/Plouffe setup and later he did pass a polygraph test that was given by credentialed examiners.

I think Larry Sinclair would’ve met the same end as Bland and Young, the two gay Trinity choir members murdered execution style around December 2007, if he had not made his life-insurance youtube.

Further his story is polyfurcated which means that it could be easily dismissed on any one level by Obama — who has done nothing to extinguish the story.

Sinclair has provided dates, times, phone numbers, names, addresses, and has repeatedly called Obama out to try to dispute anything on his fightthesmears, but he has not; and Sinclair’s site last I saw had 3 million hits.

Sinclair was falesly arrested, deprived of council, even of his medications, by an out of state warrant proffered by DE AG Beau Biden. Charges were later dropped completely.

This level of official interference highlights a knowingness of Obama’s in-the-closet and current drug use problems and their political impact.

Further, Obama is clearly a narcissist with little capability to distinguish reality from fiction.

His father abandoned him, his stepfather left his life, his own mother left his teen life, and Davis the pervert was his mentor.

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Good morning all. The day started early, at 6:30 am!!

I will be doing an afternoon radio show and am in contact with several morning shows this morning. Later we will be personally going to the local television stations and newspapers with the PC video and meet with the local news producers in the area.

I will also be going to several Universities to speak with students and to pass out flyer’s and videos.

Will update as circumstances permit today.

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