“Kenya: Senator Obama’s relative murdered” Saleh Abdul Omar Oketch


KOGELO, KENYA – JANUARY 12: US Senator Barack Obama’s step-grandmother Sarah Obama sits outside her house on January 12, 2008 in Kogelo, western Kenya. Barack Hussein Obama, father of US presidential candidate hopeful Obama, was born and raised in Kogelo. He died in a car accident in 1982. Senator Barack Obama’s parents separated when he was young. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)


By Leo Odera Omolo

A close relative of the US Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barrack Obama jnr was among the three fuel stations attendants who were mowed down with gun shots and killed by unknown gangsters

The 3 am {Kenyan time} incident took place at the Kisumu City’s Kenol Petrol Station Saleh Abdul Omar Oketch was shot twice in the forehead and in the cheek and died instantly. His two other colleague at the fuel station were also killed. They include a night watchman. He robbers made away with unspecified amount of money after dandalizing the fuekl station and ransacking its officers drawers.

People in the neighbourhood who hard the sounds gun bursts sounded visited the three workers at town’s popular fuel station to investigate, but found the three laying on pools of blood..

He police confirmed the incident and said they were treating it as act of common robbery, which are reportedly very prevalent in this lake side City.

Mr Saleh is the son of Mr. Abdo Omar, who is the brother of Sen Obama jnr surviving step grand mother Mama Sarah Obama.

Although the family is treating the incident as common robbery, Sarah Obama who attended the funeral of the late Saleh at Kendu Bay Muslim Cementry in Kendu-Bat Town, Rachuonyo district broke her silency and said the family was targeted

for elimination by unknown people with sinister motive and expressed fear that the killing has some element of political overtone, which could be related to his grand son’s latest campaign for the US presidency.

Mama Sarah Obama who is now living under twenty four hours police protection in her home at Nyang’oma, Alego Kogelo near Siaya Town about 100 kilometres away was herself recently attacked by unknown night raiders who broke her door and window s during the night. She only discovered the attempted robbery in the morning. Scores of people, most of them youths from the nearby villages were arrested and prosecuted before a court of law and were convicted on their own plea of guilty on burglary offences, and were each sentenced to one year imprisonment.

After the attack, the police have now pitched tent in the homestead guarding it for twenty four hours.

So far no arrest has been made in connection with the killing of Sen. Obama’s relative. But another incident occurred during the funeral. This was at the time when accxording to Muslim, the deceased father had traveled from Kendu-Bay to collect his soin’s body from a Kisumu Mortuary for burial back home at Kendu-Bay. The Kisumu Muslims insisted that Saleh was a resident of Kisumu therefore must be buried in Kisumu City at the Muslim’s cemetry.

The dispute almost led to violence, when the Kisumu Muslim youth violently attacked Mzee Omar in a bid to prevent him from taking the deceased’s body home for burial. Mzee Omar was beaten savagedly when he tried to force his way into the morgue to collect his sons remains..

But determined to have the body of his son transported for burial at home, Mzee Omar countered the violent youths by mobilizing a much stronger bunch of youths, mostly relatives and friends from hjis Karachuonyo homer who resides in Kisumu. They overpowered the Kisumu Muslim youths and eventually manage to collect the body home.

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