McCain Wins! 274 – 264! Happy Days Are Here Again!



It appears as though New Mexico is going for Obama.

So my new prediction is McCain 274 – Obama 264.

And I’m sticking to it! Really!

Click on link below to see rosetta’s electoral map.|content=111101000110101011100000111110000111100011111010101

Here is my admittedly hopelessly unscientific prediction of who will be our next president.

Obama keeps everything Kerry had the last time around for 252 electoral votes plus Iowa’s 7 for a grand total of 259.

McCain wins all the toss-ups plus Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico.

McCain wins 279 -259.

That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.

Here is a link to electoral map showing my predictions:|content=111101000110101011100000111110010111100011111010101

“Jack Hylton – Happy Days Are Here Again”

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