Larry Sinclair Will Be on Hand When McCain and Obama meet Tuesday night at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.


“Obama’s Secrets”


It appears that Obama has a few secrets.

Such as:

1. Supported infanticide by voting 3 times in Illinois legislature to deny liquids or medical attention to living babies after botched abortions (one of the few times he didn’t just vote “present”),

2. 20 years with his acknowledged mentor Rev. Wright’s “God damn America” racist “church,

3. Lying on his Illinois Bar Application caused him to have to surrender his law license to stop further investigation,

4. In his book, he admits habitual marijuana and cocaine use, an addictive personality, violating US narcotics laws,

5. Numerous reports of gay boyfriends in Chicago, Larry Sinclair, and “sealed” testimony regarding his relationship to persons involved in the murder of a black gay man in Chicago,

6. Personal financial dealings with felon Tony Rezko, convicted of money laundering,

7. $60,000 campaign contributions and support from socialist George Soros and family,

8. $$ Hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from Franklin Raines’s Fannie Mae, while the organization was violating accounting rules,

9. Funnelling $$ thousands to corrupt ACORN housing organization prosecuted for voter fraud,

10. Refusal to turn over a vault copy of his birth certificate to Philadelphia Court, to hide the facts about his citizenship,

11. In his book, admitted receiving career plans laid out for him by high school mentor and “father figure” Frank Marshall Davis, a longtime member of the Communist Party, who influenced Obama to move to Chicago and become a covert activist, providing him with introductions to Communist Party cohorts Paul Robeson, Carl Davidson and socialist subversive William Ayers.

12. Political and board affiliations with unrepentant terrorist bomber William Ayers.

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Good Morning.

The day starts with sunshine and clear skies in the Nashville area. As usual I have received the typical text messages from the OBOTS with their veiled threats about “Nashville is waiting for you too…” Wait no more, as I am here, live and up close.

I will be spending the next few hours at the printers and then will make it over to Belmont University. I will be compiling a list of local media which I will contact personally.

Any interested Nashville media can feel free to contact me directly at or 612-466-1043


Tuesday October 7, 2008 we will yet again bring a story to the American voter that has no idea who the real Barack Obama is. I was asked this morning by Vanderbilt, “Why is this just now coming out a month before the election?” I advised them because the national media has refused to report the story to the American people. I provided them copies of the NPC PC DVD!

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  1. dianej Says:

    Very good blog. I am impressed. Let’s not forget the questionable $200 million dollars in donations and his dealings with Edward Said, Auchi and Khalidi. Let’s not forget that “Rev” Wright is one step away from Farrakhan (Wright and Church honored Farrakhan). Let’s not forget Wright and Farrakhan’s trip to Libya. In addition let’s not forget claims of Obama and Uncle Frank (Frank Marshall Davis) and claims of Obama’s NYC class skipping days (he would skip class and head over to Cooper-Union to hear Marxists discussions). Le’t not forget – just my opinion.

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