“Once Pandora’s box has been opened, Barack Obama will not be able to close it.”


To: Kevmo

But when will Berg produce evidence that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.? Has he said? ***He has produced evidence that the presented documentation is a forgery. Don’t believe it? Take that up with Polarik, the expert on this stuff. So why would Obama present forged evidence?

Thanks, Kevmo. Just an FYI: the concluding part of my two-part final report has been finalized. Part One has been up on Berg’s website for quite awhile, now, and when we decide that the time is right to release Part Two to the public, all FReepers will be immediately notified.

We don’t want to show our hand too early on this. But, I can tell you this: if you ask me about the paper document that FactCheck photographed, I’ll reply, “Which one?”

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To: Peerless

There is no hand to show on this.

As Non-Sequitur has pointed out, even if the certificate is fake, that’s not evidence that he was born in Kenya.

And as I have pointed out, and as Berg himself has pointed out, even if Obama were born in Hawaii and produces a “vault” copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate, it would be entirely irrelevant to Berg’s claim of Obama’s Indonesian citizenship.

If you think that’s all Berg’s suit is about, then you have not read the entire complaint. The birth certificate is key to proving or disproving that Obama is a “natural-born” citizen.

Nobody goes to the length that Obama and friends have gone to prevent his real birth certificate from ever being seen, unless it has incriminating information on it. The time for playing “Gotcha” games is long past. This is life-or-death stuff.

You can take it to the bank that the information on his real birth certificate will not match the information on the forged one, and that alone would destroy the Obama legend as well as his credibility.

If he’s found to have been hiding something this important from the American public, then the next question, “What else is he hiding,” is unavoidable.

And, I fully expect a ripple effect from being implicated in acts of felony fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud .

Once Pandora’s box has been opened, Barry will not be able to close it.

How’s that for CHANGE?

179 posted on Monday, October 06, 2008 6:30:49 AM by Polarik

To: winner3000

Thanks for the report, but why do you even still watch that channel anymore? It’s not good for blood pressure or if you want to hear about actual unbiased news.

I keep track of everything they say so that I can respond to questions raised from what others have seen on it.

It’s painful, but not as painful as trying to read the Huffington Post blog.

22 posted on Monday, October 06, 2008 6:49:36 AM by Polarik

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