Why isn’t Larry Sinclair going away?! Good Question!




It really doesn’t matter what or how you think of Larry Sinclair. I thought he would fade into the woodwork months ago, but he has not. Yesterday in Grand Rapids he completely disrupted Obama’s “huge” college rally.

Obama Who has the story, which I am going to do a copy/paste because it is rather interesting. Once again, what ever side you are on in the Larry Sinclair story, it’s fun to watch him make Obama squirm.

Frankly, I’m giving him a thumbs up for what he did on Thursday and hope he keeps it up. Interestingly, Obama drew 16,000.

More on the Sinclair Grand Rapids story,


with photos that show Sinclair was getting a little bit of press.


I continue to ask one question: Why isn’t Sinclair going away?

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