Fearless Larry Sinclair Confronts Barack Obama in Grand Rapids, Michigan



The Obots hated that while Barack Obama was speaking I was about 200 feet away calling him on the mega phone asking him to answer the question, “where were you on Nov 6 & 7, 1999 and what were you doing?” They did not like that I was yelling on the mega-phone asking Barack Obama who was Larry Sinclair? In fact the Obama campaign was so unnerved, but did not want the Secret Service involved, so it took a little while before the Grand Rapids Police came and asked me to go with them and for my ID.



Sounds like Citizen Wells sitting in for Larry Sinclair. Cool! Take a listen:


UPCOMING SHOW: 10/8/2008


Barack Obama Larry Sinclair Donald Young

Unfortunately, Larry is being characterized as a “crazy protestor” here.

But what does he care?

He’s already been called every name in the book and had his life and family members’ lives threatened.

“Does Barack Obama have a shady past?

Barack Obama was in town today giving a speech.

We got a call from a crazy protestor who claims he “serviced” Obama and did cocaine with him.

Listeners called in and tried to disprove his claims.”

Listen here:


Shop Boyz – “Party Like A Rock Star”

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    Miri comments at TexasDarlin blog.

    Miri, I hope you don’t mind.

    “the nexus between Beau Biden and Larry Sinclair”

    on October 2, 2008 at 11:25 am

    101 Miri

    IndieJones: Wow. Thanks for expounding on that hypnosis stuff. I had no idea, but it makes sense.

    Right now, I’m reading my very first Robert Ludlum book. Why I’m putting myself through the torture, I don’t know, because the story line is very frightening, simply because it’s too realistic for comfort.

    Anyway, I have to say that I do so hope and pray that the CIA, FBI, and all other special ops of the US government are truly as competent as they seem to be in books and movies. But after the WMD fiasco, I’m not so sure.

    BTW, the hypnosis/Clinton connection is interesting. I voted for Clinton. At the same time, whenever he spoke, I did hear that same little intuitive voice, whispering in the back of my mind, telling me that he’s trying to put one over me. Not so much now that he’s no longer in power or seeking power, but for sure back when he was. Nowadays, he seems so much more honest and straightforward. Probably because his heart is NOT into helping Obama win. And we all know why.

    Maybe narcissitic personality is part of the explanation. The article that Paul linked us to suggests that Clinton is a classic narcissist (aren’t most politicians, by definition?); but unlike Obama, Clinton isn’t a pathological one. He can be charismatic, even hypnotic, when trying to get his way, but he’s not dangerously so.

    The trance angle is interesting, too. I’ll have to read up on that “Anchor” business. With that in mind, is it surprising that Obama is so popular with the young?

    Like it or not, the younger generation is greatly into altered states of consciousness. If he can get those brain waves in sync, that explains a lot.
    John Mirse: I would think that besides McCain, anybody else on the ballot would have equal standing. Aren’t there third-party candidates? But the Obamabots might argue that they didn’t really have a chance of winning. However, they might have had a chance of winning if Obama weren’t on the ballot.

    I believe that Hillary wouldn’t have standing because the Constitutional issue arises only after the nomination process, which is an internal party issue, not a Constitutional one.

    BUT, keep in mind that if Obama entered this race knowing that he’s not qualified under the Constitution, then he has perpetrated a fraud, and every one of us has standing because he HAS used taxpayer resources in the form of Secret Service protection, which I understand is more extensive for him than any candidate in history. Obama may have thought that he was being clever by not accepting taxpayer funding for his campaign, but I don’t see how he gets around having used our money to protect himself during his campaign.

    Mary: Thanks for the insightful comments about Obama and O’Reilly. I hadn’t thought of it as male-on-male seduction, but that would explain a lot.

    I remember remarking, when I saw that interview, how I was amazed that O’Reilly tolerated Obama’s touching behavior. Of his knee, no less. I would have slapped his hand away.

    O’Reilly always puts forward such a macho image. I figured that it had to have really irritated him but that he’s controlled enough to not let stuff like that get to him. Yet I also had the distinct impression that they were doing some intensive “male bonding.”

    I attributed it more to Obama’s ability to morph, chameleon-like, into whatever people want him to be so that they feel as if he’s “one of them.”
    O’Reilly seems to have bought that ACT hook, line, and sinker. If you listen to the way he talks about Obama now, he talks as if Obama’s just another guy from the underclass streets (like O’Reilly’s vaunted streets of Levittown) who worked his way up to fame and fortune and success (like O’Reilly did).

    He’s still on that meme where he argues that there’s NO WAY that Obama can pursue his socialist proposals, given the current state of the economy. He thinks this is just a case of overpromising, to buy votes.
    He doesn’t seem to consider that Obama is deadly serious about socialism or that Obama may not give one whit about what happens to the US economy.

    He doesn’t consider that MAYBE Obama wants the US to tank as a economic power. Isn’t that Ayers’s goal? And Osama’s goal, too?
    I hate to talk about someone’s personal proclivities, but I will say that my “gaydar” went off the first time that I saw Obama. If nothing else, he’s the quintessential “metrosexual.” I was not surprised to hear about Mr. Sinclair’s allegations.

    Someone asked yesterday how it came to be that Biden was picked as VP. I still think that it had something to do with the nexus between Beau Biden and Larry Sinclair.

    As for Muslims and homosexuality. It’s a complex subject. In many Muslim countries, homosexuality is condemned and despised. However, their definition of homosexuality is not the same as in many other cultures.
    In some Muslim cultures, homosexuality is defined by who is doing what to whom. During male-on-male acts, the person who receives the ejaculate is the homosexual. The person who provides it is NOT homosexual.

    This derives from their ideas about dominance, honor, and, especially, their view of women.

    The person who acts as a substitute for a woman is the person who is shamed, ridiculed, and despised, BECAUSE he has LOWERED himself to the status of a woman. Women are a bare step above animals. Women are just another type of property, like animals, that are herded (polygamy), controlled, used, bought and sold.

    Because of all of the above, older men using young men as substitutes for women is relatively common in some Muslim countries. and there is no shame involved for the older man.

    It’s entirely possible that an attractive, disaffected and lonely boy, growing up in such a culture, may have been exploited by such men, which might have greatly damaged his psyche, leading to pathological narcissism.

  2. sisterrosetta Says:


    Donna Darko links to “My Two Cents Radio Show”

    October 2, 2008

    The best political team on Blog Talk Radio Matt, Phillip, Truthteller and Sugar.


    With Larry Sinclair as SC Chairwoman Carol Fowler.

    Much more with Larry Sinclair.


  3. Bingo Says:

    Here is the podcast of Larry’s interview this morning with WSNX in Grand Rapids Mich.

    Click on “Does Barack Obama have a shady past”.


  4. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, Bingo!

    I really appreciate that!

  5. jeanniejo Says:

    Thanks, sisterrosetta – my longtime traveling companion — 😉

    Wonderful page — I appreciate you so much —

    Thanks, Larry Sinclair for your courage and tenacity; I support you wholeheartedly, my good friend.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    Hey, jeanniejo!

    I heard you on the radio with Citizen!

    Did you listen to entire radio interview from this morning?

    Larry did a wonderful job of representing himself and us.

    And, quite frankly, representing all who oppose Obama.

    Did you hear his comment about the “ace in the hole?”


    I wonder what he meant by that!

  7. jeanniejo Says:

    sisterrosetta: yes, I have listened to the podcast and I am so pleased Larry was given this opportunity to share his narrative with the Grand Rapids radio station.

    sister, you have my email address — drop me a note sometime — it is, of course, your option.

  8. ZachJonesIsHome Says:

    Hey. Great Post. I think Larry is one courageous man. He might just have something with his tour. Keep me informed and I will post what I can. Thank you for your work! Zach

  9. JoeE Says:

    I believe there are two, much more dominant, elements of the young that inclines them to more readily vote for Obama. The first is more obvious, that they are subject to peer pressure which Obama took advantage of from very early on. Thus the fainting and the messianic nonsense. You will find it difficult to ask a young person their opinions when accompanied with their peers, without them turning to them for concurrence, e.g. “What do you think – don’t you agree?” The third party that causes the ‘peer pressure’ is Obama or rather his machinations.

    The second element is the culture of deceit. The young (up to 35 or so) have been practically reared in lying as a ploy to get their desires met without much in the way of consequences. Anyone remember two studies done about ten years ago among college students on the east coast? The first was a study to assess how often students lied and their attitudes about lying. 95% of students stated that they lied often, and about virtually everything. The second study found that among male undergraduates, all, that is an unbelievable 100% of nearly 1000 students, stated that they would rape another student if they knew with absolute certainty that they would get away with it. Lying is not something new, but when so many cultivate it as something almost admirable, as the Greeks did, then, like the Greeks, we are set for the fall of our empire too, with the voting into power of such an unsavory and unprincipled character as Obama.

    De Tocqueville is well known for stating, among others, that in a democracy a people deserve the leaders they elect. I have been a democrat all my life, but I gleaned early on from a little study that Obama is a compulsive liar as well as a narcissistic schizoid type character. Therefore, Obama could, if I am correct, easily defraud the country and get away with it, because too many naturally gravitate to that energy, and conversely do not respect the truth when it is apparent. Those who deceive are most easily deceived.

    Those of us not so easily beguiled owe our respect to all those, such as Larry Sinclair (in spite of all his faults) and people like rosettasister, who has taken some nauseating flack herself, who spend time and energy and money to demand the truth.

  10. zachjonesishome Says:

    Hey. Great Post. I must have gone to spam on my last post. Thank you for your work. Larry is one courageous man. He may just get his story out yet. Thanks again. Zach

  11. jeanniejo Says:

    sisterrosetta 😉

    This page on Larry Sinclair’s activities outside the Obama Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan is now posted at Real Clear Politics.


    I encourage all to vote — if it attains 10 votes and more the article will move to the second page and stay up on their site for awhile —

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