“Will Sedona’s serenity get Sarah Palin ready to rock?” Cornville, Arizona


If Your Horse Could Talk


Political Notebook by Daniel Scarpinato

What better place than Sedona — known for its spiritual and metaphysical healing powers — for Sarah Palin to revive before her big performance at Thursday night’s vice-presidential debate in St. Louis?

John McCain‘s campaign has had Palin sequestered at the Arizona senator’s Sedona-area estate (it’s actually in a nearby place called Cornville) for a few days — prepping and relaxing for her thought-to-be make-or-break performance.

Indeed, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Web site calls the locale the “perfect place to enrich the body and the soul.”

“Come to Mother Nature’s red-rock temples to experience their life-transforming, soul-nourishing work in person,” it touts.

The chamber claims the red-orange color of the rock is “one of the most neuro stimulating of colors.”

“It enhances creative thinking and problem solving,” the site says. And the green vegetation bathes visitors in “hope and renewal.”

All that could come in handy after recent interviews Palin has conducted that McCain supporters privately fear have renewed questions about the Alaska governor’s preparedness.

Her debate against Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden, a veteran senator, is predicted to be a defining moment for the new Republican star.

Maybe Sedona can help revive Palin’s mind, body and soul to something approaching her rousing convention-night speech.

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