“Whatever It Is, I’m Against It!” House Votes Down Bill To Bailout Financial Markets


Whatever It Is, I’m Against It

Groucho Marx performing “Whatever It Is, I’m Against It!” and “I Always Get My Man” from the Paramount Picture “Horsefeathers” (1932).

“Bush to meet economic team after bailout rejected”


“We could have gotten there today had it not been for the partisan speech that the speaker gave on the floor of the House” John Boehner


House GOP leadership blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the bailout bill going down today, saying her speech leading up to the vote was overly partisan.

“I think this is a case of a failure of Speaker Pelosi to listen … “ said Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA).

The House Dem leadership, led by Pelosi, just took to the mics to say that when the White House and the administration identified a problem, they worked in a bipartisan way to craft legislation to help stabilize the markets. The GOP, they argued, should worry more about the financial health of the country than their own hurt feelings.

The bottom line, however, is that members voted their own re-election interests; the House leadership — on both sides — failed to deliver.

McCain blamed the Democrats.

“From the minute John McCain suspended his campaign and arrived in Washington to address this crisis, he was attacked by the Democratic leadership: Senators [Barack] Obama and [Harry] Reid, Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and others. Their partisan attacks were an effort to gain political advantage during a national economic crisis. By doing so, they put at risk the homes, livelihoods and savings of millions of American families,” Holtz-Eakin said in his statement. He also blamed Pelosi for delivering a “strongly worded partisan speech” before the vote was called.

He went on to charge that Obama had “phoned it in,” a phrase that holds some irony given that McCain did most of his work by phone.

“This bill failed because Barack Obama and the Democrats put politics ahead of country,” Holtz-Eakin said.

House Minority Leader John Boehner and Minority Whip Roy Blunt said Monday that a partisan speech delivered on the floor by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was to blame for the failure to pass a bailout package.

Decide for yourself if John McCain and House Republicans are right to point their collective finger at Nancy Pelosi. Wouldn’t it have been wiser to keep mum until after the vote?!

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