The Stoning of Soraya M “the forcing of her two sons to abjure her and throw stones themselves”


Given the title of the film, we all know exactly what is going to happen, and the film’s strategy is to slowly draw out the horrifying details: the gathering of the stones; her burial standing up, as far up her waist; the forcing of her two sons to abjure her and throw stones themselves; and of course the chilling spectacle of the blood lust of the mob.

The editing is a bit overdone at times (especially when the cuts are amateurish and unnecessary), as is the occasionally melodramatic music track, though the ambient sounds on the soundtrack are brilliantly done. In any case, it’s a powerful, shocking piece, and the denunciation of a system in which an accused woman has to prove her own innocence (while in the case of a man, his guilt has to be proven by others), is strong and clear and unforgettable.

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  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    See also:

    Phyllis Chesler’s Speech for the Women United 9/25 Rally Protesting Ahmadinejad and his Christian Supporters. 5:30pm NYC, across the Street from the Grand Hyatt Hotel, East 42nd St and Lexington Ave.

    I wish I could be with you in person this evening but, given my recently implanted titanium steel hip, my days of street rallies may be over. But I am with you in spirit and have sent a colleague to cover the rally for me.

    I congratulate you all: the inspired and hard-working rally organizers, the speakers, and those who have gathered here to protest the nuclear, misogynist, genocidal, and barbaric policies of Iran whose public face is That Man-Ahmadinejad-the mullahs’ little errand boy.

    I know that Ahmadinejad entered the Grand Hyatt Hotel earlier tonight. What I don’t understand is why he has also exited it. Are there no Iranian dissidents or human rights activists prepared to arrest him on the spot and transport him to stand trial in The Hague? As the Israelis did for Herr Eichmann?

    The rally crowd has been estimated at 3,000 or more. In attendance were people from religious Christian and religious Jewish groups, Iranian dissident and secular groups, African-American Christian groups, women’s rights groups, gay rights groups, etc.

    The speakers all condemned Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism whose goals are both genocidal and jihadic; whose persecution of Iranian women, homosexuals, and political dissidents is barbaric. The regime is a totalitarian nightmare regime.

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