“Barack Obama lied about his tight link with William Ayers”


“Stanley Kurtz – Obama’s Relationship with William Ayers”

“Barack Obama: The Audacity of Evil”

Michelle Malkin wrote:

He loves his country so much he slimed investigative journalist Stanley Kurtz and pushed his cult followers to shut down Chicago radio station WGN and host Milt Rosenberg, who probed Obama’s ties to terrorist Bill Ayers and his failed educational projects.

And then he goes and complains about “lies and phony outrage and Swift Boat politics.”

Such a selfless champion of our great nation.

I’m reminded of that old quote attributed to William Randolph Hearst: “A politician will do anything to keep his job, even become a patriot.”

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“Obama lied about his tight link with Ayers”


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Why would Pat Graham, a prominent education figure, foist upon the Challenge someone with no apparent background in education or fund raising? Someone who would strike other board members as an “unusual” appointment?

Of course, Bill Ayers had a different agenda – the use of the Challenge to implement his agenda to support the Local School Councils and to infuse school curriculum with his particular brand of “politically correct” approaches. Thus, he would have had a strong interest in seeing someone like Obama, who had backed Ayers’ reform proposals in the past, appointed to the board and, if possible, leading it. As I have noted here in other posts, Obama would be a key ally for Ayers on the board when some of Ayers’ ideas ran into opposition from board members like Arnold Weber.

Thus, Ayers was a central player in the recruitment of the Challenge board and worked hand in hand with others to carry out that task. The Obama campaign, however, wishes us to believe that despite this close collaboration between Leff, Graham, Simmons and Ayers, that when it came to the nomination of Barack Obama to the board, somehow, magically, Ayers was left out of the loop.

How could that have reasonably happened?

It would be easier to solve the mystery of the virgin birth of Christ than answer that question.

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