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Factcheck doing something not suspicious??
written by Polarik, September 22, 2008

1) I know the original pictures took a while to download on slower connections. Wouldn’t it be more likely that they used lower res versions to speed up download time??

2) Alternatively wouldn’t it be also likely that they replaced it with lower res versions to reduce bandwidth costs from whoever is their host??

3) Has anyone emailed them to ask if the full-sized versions are available?

It seems to me someone just swapped out lower res versions to save on bandwidth or download speed. It looks more like a case of sloppy webmastering than some deep dark conspiracy.

Mark me down for the “deep dark conspiracy.” Obama and everyone connected to him is a “deep dark conspiracy.”

If we were talking about a normal world with normal people, I’d be inclinded to go along with you. But considewr this:

Before we ever got to this point, people were saying, “How can a U.S. Senator who is running for President, ever do anything this stupid, or dangerous, or out of character, or ____________ (fill in the blank with any one of one hundred leftist liberal excuses).

How’s this for conspiracies?
written by Polarik, September 22, 2008

After seven years of printing up the same COLB format, where only the borders change and everything stayed the same, Michele’s 2008 COLB, printed June 30, has a larger aspect ratio (more height than width) which caused the text to be printed in different locations.

The seventeen day period between June 12, when the Obama COLB was posted, and June 29, the day before Michele’s new format COLB was printed, was a time when the COLB firestorm was at its peak, and when Hawaii’s Vital Records was literally besieged daily with phone calls, emails, and letters asking for information about Obama’s birth records, and questions about its authenticity.

I knopw that some of you will think it’s a stretch to make a connection between the Obama COLB brouhaha and th4e decision to make a minor — but significant — change in the layout of the COLB.

YEt, if I was in charge of the COLB-making operation, I’d say, “Hey! if someone really took our 2007 COLB and made a clone of it, then we need to change the layout of our current COLBs to keep people from making any more.”

Again, if this wasn’t Obama we’re talking about, then I’d say, “No way!”

But, when they asked Okubo if this COLB image looked genuine, what else would she say except thatm “It looks genuine to me,” even if she, herself, thought that it was a knockoff.

The timing of the change in the 2008 COLB aspect ratio begs the question, “Why now?”

I’d like to know, “Why is it so freaking hard to get someone to make their 2004 to 2008 COLB available to us?

If I had a 2008 COLB printed before June 12, and it had the exact, same layout as the June 30 format, then it’s end of story.

Has someone got a plausible explanation for why Michel’s June 20 2008 COLB has the different sized borders?

written by Polarik, September 22, 2008

While I’m putting together Part II, which has an analysis of the FactCheck photos, it would be nice if some of you other PS people take a look at all nine of their photos and see if you can also find the photos that have PS manipulations, and confirm where they are, what effects were produced, and which tools were used to create them.

As a head start, I’ll name one of the photos that might have a PS tweak in it, or that might just have a natural lighting effect:

In Photo #6, the embossed Seal seems to have been unevenly illuminated. Is it just what one would expect from the ambient lighting conditions, or is it a PS enhancement?

Those with the correct answers will receive a very special recognition in my report.

BTW, I have a real paper COLB that I’ve been using to re-enact FactCheck’s photo shoot of the Obama COLB. Some of the COLB’s were shot in natural light, and some in artificial light. My recreations are close approximations at best due to differences in my lighting conditions versus what they used (and what they added post-hoc with PS).

OK, let me know what you find!


written by Citizen Wells, September 23, 2008

God bless Mr. Berg.
“The truth will set you free.”

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