Truth Stranger Than Fiction – The Saga of Michelle Obama Whitey Tape Continues


“Why Does the Michelle Obama Tape Rumor Match a 2006 Novel?”

This unimaginable coincidence, coupled with Larry Johnson’s unnecessarily profane and unresponsive answer to David Weigel when he asked about contradictions in the description of what’s on the tape, ought to drive a stake into the heart of this rumor.

Why is a conservative blogger putting this much effort into dispelling a rumor that, on paper at least, would hurt Obama? Because those who prefer a president besides Obama should not go through the summer and fall convinced that a magic-bullet devastating tape is going to appear as an October surprise to save the day.

Also, there are a lot of good reasons to vote against Barack Obama; but what people claim Michelle Obama says on a tape that no one can produce and no one has seen isn’t one of them.

“Now Putting Franklin Raines in an Ad Is Ipso Facto Racism”

You know what’s really the motivation behind that McCain ad spotlighting Obama’s ties to Fannie Mae mismanager Franklin Raines, don’t you?


Time magazine’s Karen Tumulty tells us so. She says so based on the fact that McCain campaign isn’t running an ad spotlighting Obama’s ties to white guy/horrible Fannie Mae mismanager Jim Johnson, even though they, uh, are.

Team McCain is unimpressed.

This is the same Karen Tumulty who linked to my debunking of the “whitey” tape rumor, but still said that “Obama sleuths” had found the similarity to a 2006 novel. Apparently the “Obama sleuths” found it before I wrote about it, and just didn’t feel like telling anyone.

Look, if she’s just gonna repeat whatever Obama spokesman Bill Burton tells her, shouldn’t he get the byline?

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