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With only 46 days left, time is of the essence; your country calls. Tune in to Clintons4McCain radio
as we reveal how you can TAN: Take Action Now!

TAN: Tune in to this weeks radio show and discover the best TAN (Take Action Now) methods to effect this election.

This weeks special guest:
Jack Kelly, conservative columnist for the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Toledo Blade.

Jack is a former Marine, a former Special Forces soldier, and a former candidate for Congress. He was one of the first national figures to endorse Sarah Palin for the GOP ticket and has been a ferocious defender of her ever since.

Jack is very tuned into national politics and national security and will provide insight into this American Travesty, AKA Votergate 08.

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Radio Host: Cristi Adkins and Steve Maloney

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