Why’d he claim Michelle Obama never said Whitey?


“Roger Stone – alleged “Whitey” tape”


UPDATE: 6.2.08 – 12:30am

The information is coming in fast and furious. Some key Democrat operatives have emailed acknowledging that a video of some sort does exist, but contend she does NOT say ‘Whitey’ but “Why’d he” (in reference to George Bush and his failings in New Orleans). This may be akin to the Mickey Kantor “White N***** video recently. You can bet if/when the video surfaces, it’ll be posted here.

Juan Williams says Michelle Obama “sometimes uses” a “kind of militant anger”

Watch video here:


“Michelle Obama doesn’t hate America after all”


… some Republican operatives (including Roger Stone, who specializes in opposition research for the Republican Party) floated a story that there’s a record of Michelle Obama calling white people “Whiteys” and that a major network has the tape of it. It’s the reason, Stone said, that Hillary Clinton continued her bid for the Democratic nomination for so long. She’s waiting for this surprise to sink Obama’s campaign.

Ben Stein Calls Barack Obama a “Black Angry Candidate”

2 Responses to “Why’d he claim Michelle Obama never said Whitey?”

  1. Leeballz Says:

    I’m using my Blackberry on my laptop as a modem, so the videos will take days to load. But I will watch them later as I was wondering were this story had gone. When I watch it, am I going to see Geraldo drawing out troop positions with a stick in the dirt? 😉

  2. rosettasister Says:

    “I’m using my Blackberry on my laptop as a modem”

    Leeballz, how resourceful of you!

    “am I going to see Geraldo drawing out troop positions with a stick in the dirt?”

    Oh, he’ll never live that down!

    I have mixed feelings about Geraldo. Who doesn’t?!

    He does seem to be on the side of the American soldier and also committed to the liberation of Iraqis.

    I appreciate that.

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