“Barack Obama Camp Slimes David Freddoso” William Ayers — Stanley Kurtz With Audio



THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN had the same modus operandi August 27 when it attempted to mau-mau Freddoso’s fellow National Review writer, Stanley Kurtz, during his appearance on “Extension 720.” Kurtz had traveled to the University of Illinois at Chicago to research the education reform project known as the Chicago Annenberg Challenge because both Obama and his friend Ayers were involved in it.

Instead of putting on a campaign spokesman to challenge Kurtz’s arguments, the campaign tried to shut down the show. Obama supporters inundated the show with telephone calls and picketed outside the studio. They also called other talk shows and regurgitated the talking points the campaign fed them.

Freddoso has made it clear he thinks it’s silly and counterproductive to wallow in conspiracy theories such as the one that claims Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen, the one that claims he isn’t a Christian, or the one that claims he is some kind of Manchurian candidate surreptitiously inserted into the presidential contest by America’s enemies.

Without name-calling or innuendo, Freddoso makes the case that Obama is simply a liberal machine politician, and “not an agent of hope and change.”

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from August 26, partial transcript


Freddoso a dishonest, extreme hate monger? Give me a break.

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