Polarik Final Report: Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy — Part One Obama Birth Certificate


“This is how this text data should look on a genuine, unretouched document image.”



The birth of the forgery

Initially, as someone who had also never seen a Hawaiian COLB before, I was also critical of the omissions apparently absent from Obama’s COLB. However, once I got to examine the alleged Obama COLB up close, the focus of my criticisms quickly changed.

Although Obama’s COLB image did not look the same as a traditional birth certificate, what captured my attention was not its contents, or lack thereof, but the image anomalies I saw — anomalies that never would appear in any genuine scan of this document.

Specifically, I saw that the text in this image bore the telltale signs of being graphically altered after the image had been created. From June 13 onwards, the unfamiliar format of this document, and the questionable information that it contained, became tangential to my discovery that the scanned image alleged to be a true copy Obama’s original COLB, was a forged document image . Today, with three months worth of research and supportive evidence behind me, I can now say, without any reservations, that my initial recognition of this image forgery was absolutely correct.

Surprisingly, the same people who posted this forged image three months earlier, namely the Obama Campaign, the pro-Obama Daily Kos blog, and the pro-Obama FactCheck group, are still passing it off as a genuine copy of Obama’s original birth certificate. At no time during this 3-month period, did any of these pro-Obama groups submit a second scanned image to corroborate the first one, such as a scan of the reverse side where the certification elements appear: the embossed Seal of Hawaii, the date stamp, and the signature stamp of Hawaii‘s State Registrar.

Rather than make that second scan, FactCheck recently compounded their role in the forgery by posting suspicious-looking photos of the same document that they claimed to have scanned in June 16. Since I now have no doubt that their scanned image was fraudulent, I have no reason to believe that their “photographs” are any less fraudulent. Later on, I will explain why these photos are so suspicious.

Supporters of Obama spent a great deal of time trying to explain away these fradulent actions, but logic and subterfuge are no substitutes for having independent observers examine not only Obama’s original birth certificate, but also a current COLB containing his current birth record — two things that the American public have yet to see.

I’ve been working with computers, printers, and scanners, going back to 1969, and with graphic arts as far back as 1965, and given a set of printed letters, I can discern what kind of device made them. Printer output is quite different from the text created by a graphics program, and even if a document looks “official,” it may not be. More importantly, graphically altered text in an image would look the same regardless of what was scanned to create the image.

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  1. rosettasister Says:


    To: cynwoody

    BTW, what’s the point of the redactions in this image at

    of the CoLB of Patricia DeCosta (1930-1963)
    Patricia Decosta’s daughter, Virginia Travis, was very unhappy about how her mother’s birth certificate has been bandied about instead of serving as a memorial to her mother and a geneaology reference.
    So, in deference to her feelings, I’ve redacted the personal data on her behalf (even if a lot of people have already seen it).
    BTW, the “digital image game is a waste of time” for the Obama Camp, but not for those trying to prove a fraud has been committed in more ways than one.

    24 posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 11:37:59 PM by Polarik

    To: nikos1121

    OUr friend (sarcasm) Bill O ‘ Reilly took the wind out of our sails last night by proclaiming that right wingers were using smear tactics to mislead the public into thinking that Obama’s parents were not married and that he was born in Kenya.
    What a wussy he’s become. A truism is not a smear, and the “word on the street” is that not only was Obama born in Kenya, but a year earlier as well.

    26 posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 11:40:57 PM by Polarik

    To: Kevmo; LucyT; pissant; SE Mom

    Is that your Final Answer? 😉
    LEt me put it this way: My wife will finally get off my back when the last part is posted.
    Poor thing! She is so sick of seeing green on my computer screen. Well, so am I, for that matter.
    Don’t worry. The book is still on the back burner.

    27 posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 11:44:30 PM by Polarik

    To: Polarik
    Great work! I can’t wait for part II. Maybe once Barky gets disqualified over this, my wife will understand that I wasn’t crazy after all during these last 3 months.

    28 posted on Thursday, September 18, 2008 6:13:49 AM by richardsh

    To: richardsh
    Maybe once Barky gets disqualified over this, my wife will understand that I wasn’t crazy after all during these last 3 months.

    ***What if your wife says, “So what?” I ask because I need to know for myself…

    30 posted on Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:23:58 AM by Kevmo

  2. rosettasister Says:

    “Certificate of Live Birth analysis – Part one”


    Thursday, 18 September 2008 20:15

    Philip J. Berg, Esquire

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