“Barack Obama’s disrespect for country and service in a way that is painful to observe.” From TexasDarlin


TexasDarlin’s interpretation of this event is, of course, colored by her feelings toward Barack Obama. I am not sure I “see” the same thing she sees. But the ironic juxtaposition of Jeremiah Wright’s lunatic ravings and Barack Obama’s honoring of heroes taller than buildings was, I’m sure, not lost on anyone.

And where was Michelle Obama? She should have been there.

“The Disrespectful Obamas”


The first part of this video, more so than the much-discussed rose-toss, captures Barack Obama’s disrespect for country and service in a way that is painful to observe.

Watch, just 20 seconds into this tape, how Barack impatiently blows off the fireman by walking around Mayor Bloomberg.

I don’t know who this fireman is, but I assume that he stood in this receiving line for a reason; perhaps he saved lives or led a platoon of firefighters into danger.

I would like to know who he is, so that I can personally send an apology on behalf of all Democrats and Americans for the disrespectful behavior of this presidential candidate, who didn’t even acknowledge this serviceman.

This person is NOT suited for the Presidency of the United States of America.

4 Responses to ““Barack Obama’s disrespect for country and service in a way that is painful to observe.” From TexasDarlin”

  1. Kent Says:

    If Obama had been in front of Mccain, he would have been through that line in about 5 seconds! Unfortunately, the McCains were in front of him so he was forced to go slow and shake hands with ordinary people. Too bad. I’m sure he had more important things to do with his precious time. He could have had some hoops to shoot for another photo-op.

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Kent!

    When I watched the video to which TexasDarlin pointed us, what I thought I saw was a man who seemed ill at ease in that venue.

    And of course I was reminded of Jeremiah Wright’s words of unwisdom.

  3. koa Says:

    For credibility sake you should post part one of the video which shows Obama did greet them.

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Yes, koa, you are clearly right.

    Obama greeted everyone on the receiving line and then patiently waited for the others to do the same.

    Apparently Barack Obama can be charming.

    Now where was Michelle Obama?

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