Barack Obama Supporters Working Overtime in Attempt to Discredit Larry Sinclair (Donald Young) With Video and Audio


But Larry Sinclair and his supporters not backing down one inch.

Citizen Wells:, the same blog that reported lies about Larry Sinclair before, during and after his arrest at the National Press Club, has the audacity to post an article questioning John McCain’s honesty and uses “The View” as a source for the argument.

Joy Behar is quoted as saying “They’re lies,” in reference to comments made by the McCain campaign. This comes from a group of people that would not know the truth if it bit them on the ass.


Ask yourself, is it a proper calculation by the MSM to suppress the mentioning of the name of Larry Sinclair at all costs, even if it also means suppressing what by any objective measure is one of the biggest stories of the 2008 presidential campaign?

You think Troopergate is a big story? Hah! Sinclairgate makes it pale in comparison, and pale badly.

Stop sitting on your hands MSM. Do the right thing, and report on this egregious abuse of power coming out of Delaware.

Listen to Larry Sinclair from September 11, 2008:

For What It’s Worth

From: gregtl1967

“Governor Sarah Palin and new Obama fraud”

Webster Tarpley on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain, Larry Sinclair, Phil Berg, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Chock full of info. But I certainly do not reach the same conclusions Webster Tarpley does.

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