“The Ammo Box – Updated” Michelle Obama Whitey Tape 100-80-50 Option


“No More Mister Nice Guy”


Why are we sitting on the ammo box?

Folks keep asking about the whitey tape. Why has there only been one 527 Ayers ad, some ask. Where is the RezkoEstate ad and why are we not hearing GD, along with I’ve never been proud of America?


Do not one of the doubters here read the excellent articles by Larry Johnson on when and if anything will be used on Obama. If the dirt is not needed, then it won’t be used.


I feel a need to step in here and clarify one important issue. Nobody I have talked to in any level of the GOP ranks believes that either of the 100/80/50 scenarios will happen. It is just comforting to know that there is a discussion going on there that considers honor and civility.

I took what I have heard to mean simply that it was discussed, a plan was formulated, but there is no belief that this race will be anything but tight. So take that thought as you read the rest of this post.

And, in advance I will warn those reading this now, you will find some who very much disagree. I stand by my belief that we – citizens – all loose if we end up hating each other when this election is done.

I have it on good and direct authority that, if McCain’s internals show a

100 ECV (Electoral College Vote) lead, that is solid, then noting will be used.

80 EC votes and some will surface.

50 and a little more will be used.

If the mid to late October polls are close then they most likely pull out the stopper and, by the nature of modern American politics, all decorum will go down the drain.

When I say good authority I mean it. I worked almost as many GOP campaigns as I have Democrat. Many of the operatives are my friends. Some are not. I met last month with one who was involved with something in 2004 that it has taken me until recently to forgive. I will never forget what the SBVFT did but, considering what I have seen from Kerry lately, I am ready to forgive them for acting upon their beliefs.

5 Responses to ““The Ammo Box – Updated” Michelle Obama Whitey Tape 100-80-50 Option”

  1. Leeballz Says:

    I was looking this up the other day to see if there was any word on that tape. I thought we might see it after the convention, if it does exist. However, this 100/80/50 rule is something I haven’t heard yet. Makes sense I guess, look how bitter the other elections have been in the past 8 years. We do all have to live together when this is all over.

  2. Cao Says:

    The whitey tape is a bunch of BS. If the repubs had it, they would have done something with it. I just find the source for this information – not very credible. Blame it all on the repubs; with no proof. All the people who said it existed were not repubs in the first place.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Gee, Cao, How are ye?!

    I found the following comment at No Quarter:

    Comment by jpatelis | 2008-09-11 10:43:15

    McCain is actually working this beautifully he has Obama on the run.

    While Obama is trying to find dirt on Palin, McCain is waiting; he knows what he has in his arsenal.

    Just look every time Obama starts to get his footing another commercial is launched, look at the sex education one, and took Obama off stride again.

    Of course right now Obama is his own worse enemy the lipstick remark killed him,

    he played the same tricks and the same argument with his attacks on Hillary,

    he can no longer plead innocence we see through his thinly veiled rhetoric.

    Email the author:


  4. Fun4Sly Says:

    New MAC 527 airing in Michigan. Pass the word.

    Rev Wright keeps on givin.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Thank you Fun4Sly!

    Just one more example of Barack Obama’s superior judgment.

    Good to see that this is airing in Michigan.

    I hope this 527 ad is aired also in other battleground states.

    It isn’t cool to be so flagrantly unpatriotic.

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