“3,000 chant “Sar-RAH!” as Alaska’s Gov. Palin goes home — briefly”



The crowd crammed into a cavernous, flag-festooned hangar chanting the now familiar “Sar-RAH! Sar-RAH!”

“I will do my best to do Alaska proud,” the 44-year-old governor vowed as she stood with her husband, Todd, whom she calls “the first dude,” and three of their five children — Piper, Willow and infant Trig.

It was Palin’s first solo campaign foray and she stuck pretty much to her standard stump speech, built around the biography and maverickness of the top of the ticket, Sen. John McCain.

“This is our girl,” Dory Powell, a 67-year-old retiree, told Braun, whose complete arrival story is available here. “She’s brought the Republican Party to life.” Numerous mothers brought daughters wearing T-shirts proclaiming: “When I grow up I want to be just like Sarah Palin.”

“It’s going to be awesome to spend a couple of days back here,” Palin told the crowd, “getting in touch with all my friends.” She’ll also participate in a troop departure ceremony for soldiers, including her 19-year-old son Track, headed for deployment in Iraq.

And she is scheduled to sit for several exclusive coming-out interviews with Charles Gibson of ABC News.

Saturday, rumor has it, Palin will appear at a rally in Nevada.

— Andrew Malcolm

2 Responses to ““3,000 chant “Sar-RAH!” as Alaska’s Gov. Palin goes home — briefly””

  1. rosettasister Says:

    Today must be a difficult day for Sarah Palin as her eldest son departs for Iraq on September 11th of all days!

    I was a mess when my eldest son moved into Brooklyn for his first year of college in Manhattan. And I lived on Long Island! Not so far.

    I hope Mr. and Mrs. Palin can find a moment to take this all in.

  2. Leeballz Says:

    If McCain/Palin are elected, they will both have children serving in the military. When they make the decision to send in troops they will have the burden of thinking about the sons and daughters of America as well as their own. A tough job, but I think they are up to the task.

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