Feminists for Sarah Palin!


Is Palin a Law and Order Candidate? This Veteran Feminist Sure Hopes So.



Feminism cannot be defined only by secularists or only by one political party.

If Palin is a Law and Order candidate then she might be good on the issue of domestic violence; rape; incest; child pedophiles; and sexual harassment. I don’t know, I’m not sure, she has no record in these areas. I would love to hear her talk about these issues. If Palin is a Law and Order kinda gal, then she’d also be good on the issue of trafficking/sexual slavery; pornography; and prostitution.

These are all woman’s issues and feminist issues too.

Further, I bet Palin strongly opposes Jihad, Islamism, terrorism, and therefore Islamic gender apartheid. Palin might actually be willing to risk being called an “Islamophobe” in order to take some radical steps to ensure that Islamic gender apartheid does not further penetrate the West. I am talking about face-veiling, female genital cutting, arranged marriage, polygamy, honor killings, etc.

I would like to know where Governor Palin stands on these issues. I am sure they will –and should–come up in her debate with Senator Biden who sponsored the Violence Against Women Act.

Further, I would like to know where Palin stands on the issue of equal pay for equal work and on the Equal Rights Amendment. As a mother with a helpful husband, what programs would Palin support for mothers whose husbands are ill, have died, have lost their jobs, or who have abandoned their families? What about mothers without husbands altogether? What are Palin’s views about the rights of mothers/primary caretakers and of dependent children? George Bush-era Republicans cut many services to families in crisis. Do McCain and Palin plan to continue in this sad and sorry way or do they have some new ideas?

Feminist groups would be very short-sighted indeed to alienate Palin or to write her off as McCain’s “unqualified” pick before she makes her views on such issues known.

On Sunday, Sept. 7th, [5] Tammy Bruce became the first feminist to open her heart publicly to Governor Palin. Today, I join her in the pages of Pajamas Media.

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