Rev. Jesse Jackson and Larry Sinclair Make Official ‘Obama Hater List’


Thanks to the now infamous ‘Nut-Gate’ comment made by Rev. Jesse Jackson, we have received numerous requests to have Jackson placed on the Obama Hater Watch List.

Additionally, Larry Sinclair has been warned not go near any event where Barack Obama is attending. You are on his Secret Service watch list. DO NOT GO NEAR HIM!

How absurd!

3 Responses to “Rev. Jesse Jackson and Larry Sinclair Make Official ‘Obama Hater List’”

  1. Leeballz Says:

    So the Secret Service’s job is to not only to protect Obama from bullets, but also words?? How surreal.

    Should we expect to see Obama walking around with blinders and earplugs on soon? Or maybe based on his recent statements and speeches, he’s already doing that.

  2. rosettasister Says:


    I am as perplexed as you are.




    annoyed, and


  3. Al Says:

    Starting to wonder if Senator Obama is changing his own diapers, or has he asked someone else to do that for him too? At least Rev. Jackson ran as his own man when he sought the presidency; unlike Senator Obama who simply reads the words on the teleprompter that his puppet-masters tell him to. Change? Change his diaper…he duped his followers with an empty promise of change and then had the audacity to be a dope and select Joe Biden, an old Washington politician of 30+ years, to be his running mate. He needs to stop lying.

    As far as Mr. Sinclair goes Senator Obama is simply afraid of coming clean about their shared encounters in November, 1999. Again, he needs to stop lying.

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