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Here’s a Heads Up:

I’m working on my final report and it will be out shortly. It will summarize everything I found that still “sticks to the wall,” if you get my drift.

I need an apt title. Something like Judgment Day: The Birth Certificate that Brought Obama Down

Or, something like this, Polarik’s Final Report: The Only Evidence that OBama Could Not Shred.

Winner gets a major acknowledgment from me.

85 posted on Saturday, September 06, 2008 9:50:05 PM by Polarik

To: Cyropaedia

Obama was born in 1961, so the second set of numbers should be 1961! But that is not the case!

It’s OK to correct yourself.

342 posted on Monday, September 08, 2008 7:13:17 AM by Polarik

To: Cyropaedia

Holy Sh**! I think You’re right. What was the Patricia De Costa Certification number…?? Part of the C.N. is the year of birth.

This looks like a potential bombshell.

Not really. I mentioned that a long, long time ago. FactCheck’s Birth Year field in the Cert. No. is 1961.

343 posted on Monday, September 08, 2008 7:16:51 AM by Polarik

To: Cyropaedia

Even after all this time, the idiots can’t get their stories straight.

Okubo knows nothing about hacking (except when she gets a cold). That number will not break into their system.

It’s the form number, birth year, and sequential number of the birth record for that year.

344 posted on Monday, September 08, 2008 7:19:45 AM by Polarik

To: Cyropaedia

For starters, no one accepts any CoLB with the C.N. concealed. And Polarik his listed a wealth of evidence of to show how the CoLB’s on the sites differed from actual CoLB’s from the Hawaiian DoH.

Thank you, Cyropaedia.

If FactCheck really had nothing to hide, then they would have posted another scan of their photographed, both front and back. Instead, Their photos raise far more questions than answers.

For starters, why is the Exif data in FactCheck’s photos screwed up?

Exif stands for “Exchangeable image file format” that consists of specific photo, image file, and camera information. Virtually all digital cameras add this information to their photo images.

The Israel Insider noted, as I did, that according to the Exif information in the FactCheck photos, all nine photos were allegedly taken on March 12, between 10:40PM to 10:47PM. The date is problematic because FactCheck said on August 21, that they “recently spent some time with Obama’s COLB (in Chicago) and took some photos.”

When they asked FactCheck about the disparity in the dates, they said that the photographer “forgot to set the correct time and date.”

By now, you should know that it was FactCheck (along with the Obama Campaign) who posted what was allegedly a scan of Obama’s “original birth certificate,” and who also refused to make any additional scans of it, including one or more of the COLB shown in these photos.

Israel Insider did not know what to make of the nine photos allegedly taken in less than seven minutes. They said that they were taken “in suboptimal lighting conditions” with very little time for proper positioning.

My take of these photos is that they are as bogus as the phony image scan they posted on June 16. Does anyone else see the irony here?

The date that the Obama COLB image was allegedly scanned was June 12.

The date on which these photos were allegedly taken was March 12.

The time that the Obama COLB image was scanned was 8:42 AM.

The time that the fifth photo was allegedly taken was 10:42PM

The date that FactCheck first posted the bogus scanned image was June 16.

The date that FactCheck first wrote about these suspicious photos was August 16.

It’s not exactly the DaVinci Code, but it cannot be just coincidence working here.

Stay tuned. I am preparing a thorough debunking of these photos, which will only serve to compound FactCheck’s fraudulent actions.

It should also come as no surprise that FactCheck has refused to return any of my calls or emails to them, challenging them on their authenticity.

345 posted on Monday, September 08, 2008 11:30:21 AM by Polarik

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