“Annenberg-Gate: University Tipped Off Ayers/Obama Ally on Records Release” Steve Diamond – Stanley Kurtz – William Ayers – Barack Obama




University Closes Its Doors in Face of Conservative Researcher

Such a finding aid was made available last month to Stanley Kurtz of the National Review Online after Kurtz asked for and was granted permission to review the 947 folders of CAC documents. However, the University then abruptly reversed themselves and denied Kurtz, a Harvard-trained social anthropologist, access just as he was leaving his home in Washington, D.C. for Chicago. The University then issued public statements indicating that although the CAC records had been fully processed for access by researchers and a finding aid had been prepared and made available, that the University lacked a “formal ownership agreement” from the donor.

It was after Kurtz was prevented from reviewing the records in mid-August and before the University finally released at least some of the CAC records to the public on August 26 that President White and Bearrows were in contact with Rolling.

One key element of a gift is the intent of the donor. Records of the CAC indicate an interest among board members with preserving the “institutional memory” of the CAC, for example. Thus, a typical goal of such a gift of records would be to enable researchers to review the records to better understand the history and impact of the Challenge.

It is, however, highly unusual to allow someone who once worked for a donor to change the terms of the gift such that the records originally deposited with the University for public review are no longer available. That amounts to a revocation of the original gift and re-gifting the now restricted set of documents to the University. However, for such an action to be valid the individual engaging in the revocation would need both the authority of the donor organization and the donee University. That would not have been possible with respect to the CAC because it had ceased operations and dissolved.

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The Sedate Hyde Park Couple: Ayres and Dohrn.

Theirs was revolutionary love at first sight. They did such togetherness things as writing a Weatherman philosophy that read: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents: that’s where it’s really at.” And since the family that bombed together stays together, they participated in such homey projects as establishing a “white fighting force” to help the “Black Liberation Movement,” issuing a “Declaration of War” against the U.S. government to achieve a classless world of communism and carrying out such projects as bombing government buildings.

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