“Press should be vigorous in investigating candidates” Barack Obama – William Ayers – Stanley Kurtz




Let’s reflect for a second on the Obama campaign’s efforts to shut up and vilify Stanley Kurtz.

Kurtz, whose pieces appear in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and National Review, has been investigating the relationship of Barack Obama and William Ayers, the Illinois professor who is an unrepentant Weatherman bomber of the 1960s and ’70s. Published reports tell how Obama supporters inundated a radio station with phone calls and e-mails in an effort to stop an interview with Kurtz, and accused him of “baseless fear-mongering.” It was “intimidating,” a radio producer said.

Some of Kurtz’s digging seems to have disclosed possibilities that Obama was tighter with Ayers than was previously known, but mainstream media have paid scant attention to this story, apparently fearing the implication of guilt by slight association, and maybe because you just don’t cast suspicion of any kind on Saint Obama.

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