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Will Obama ever recover from the beating Gov. Palin gave him the other night? Maybe not.

People have many nicknames for Barack H. Obama. Cristi Adkins, whom Obama’s attack dogs have been after relentlessly for months, calls him “Hussein.” She believes he’s much more at home with an Islamic terrorist like Raila Odinga or a domestic terrorist like Williams Ayers than with real people like Hillary Clinton, John McCain, or Sarah Palin.

Of course, many people refer to Obama as BHO. If they’re looking for a stinkier term, they could use “BO.” Some people express their hope there will be no “BO” in a sweeter smelling world.

One of my favorite bloggers is Mahalo, a PUMA (Party-Unity-my-you-know-what) in Hawaii. She’s one of TWO Hawaian bloggers, the other being another beautifully named woman, Malia.

In a recent post — and she does outstanding ones — Mahalo calls Barack “Bambi.” She’s writing about the report that Hillary Clinton might be forced (or deceived?) into a role as “Bambi’s attack dog.” Somehow, attacking Sarah Palin doesn’t seem like a good career move for Mrs. Clinton. Perhaps it would be better — and safer — to attack Bambi?

Mahalo also calls Obama, an increasingly hapless, man “Gumby.” She uses that term in the following piece:


Her point is that Obama’s make-peace-not-war approach to life has turned him into a cartoon character, a wimp.

Anyway, he’d better watch out for Mahalo. Hint: her screen name is DiamondTiger.

Anyway, if you have your own favorite name for Barack Hussein Obama (alias “Gumby”), please send it to me at:


Let’s have some fun with this. Pretend you’re Sarah Palin treating Obama like a human pinata.

“shirley ellis – the name game”

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  1. C U Later Soetoro Says:

    Some even call him Barry Soetoro

  2. al67 Says:

    He’s fortunate the Mainstream-Media isn’t calling him a LIAR and FRAUD.


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