Phil Valentine at Washington Post Still Claiming Larry Sinclair Failed Polygraph (Barack Obama – Donald Young)



Nashville, Tenn.: Uncle Phil, you’ve made a habit of giving up airtime to salacious allegations made against Sens. Obama and Edwards and other Democrats from the National Enquirer and Larry Sinclair. Will you be devoting the same time to the article coming out regarding Gov. Palin?

Phil Valentine: We already have. These outrageous allegations from TheDailyKos have been discussed on the show. Remember, the allegations against Obama were brought up by a person who claimed to be a witness. We followed that we great skepticism and followed up when Larry Sinclair failed the lie-detector test.

Except that Larry Sinclair did NOT fail poly.

“’s Polygraph Examination of Larry Sinclair”

So the PolyScore algorithm (that Ed Gelb so hailed in his polygraph report for Wendy Ellis) found Sinclair truthful with a less than 1% probability of deception! But in this case, Gelb and Barland (who cannot have been unaware of the firestorm of controversy that would have resulted had they found Sinclair non-deceptive with regard to this question) somehow reached a completely opposite conclusion!

Gelb did not provide Barland with the computerized data for the examination on Sinclair’s sex allegations, and thus he was not able to run PolyScore on them.

I knew it was just a matter of time before Sarah Palin and Larry Sinclair were mentioned in the same sentence.

Rat Says:

Chris Matthews asserts his clown show is ‘Hardball’ not ‘Softball’ and says that no questions are off the table concerning Sarah Palin. Fine, but let’s hear some Larry Sinclair questions and see Biden’s drunk tape played ad nauseam. Let’s vet choir director deaths in Chicago ….let’s read pg 209 on air.

Chris Matthews, shut up fraud.

5 Responses to “Phil Valentine at Washington Post Still Claiming Larry Sinclair Failed Polygraph (Barack Obama – Donald Young)”

  1. Phil Valentine Says:

    You can argue that a polygraph test has no merit but I stand by my original statement. Larry Sinclair failed two polygraph tests.

  2. rosettasister Says:

    “I stand by my original statement.”

    Then, Mr. Valentine, you are being a lazy investigator.

    Yes, Mr. Maschke is anti-polygraph.

    But he also has serious reservations about the findings.

    I am not an expert and neither are you.

    And the so-called expert in this case received a phony Ph.D.

  3. Larry Sinclair Says:

    SisterRosetta, Phil is just like the rest, talking out of his uninformed arse. He fails t state what “TWO” polygraphs I failed because I have only taken one polygraphed.

    Mr. Valentine has never ever verified or even asked me for comment so how and who provided him is info?

    Perhaps you can forward him my comment. Maybe he should check his facts before he stands by them. Gelb did not perform two polygraphs, he performed one with two sets of questions and he even failed to produce the questions other than the ones he claims were deceptive.

    What do you expect from the same WAPO that circulated the false report saying I had been involved in 8 blackmail investigations in 25 years against politicians. I will debate Mr.Val anytime, anywhere on the FACTS

  4. rosettasister Says:

    “Perhaps you can forward him my comment.”

    You bet I will, Larry!

  5. jeanniejo Says:

    sisterrosetta – my longime traveling companion 😉

    Thank you so much!!!!!

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