“Weathermen ghosts continue to haunt Barack Obama campaign” William Ayers – Stanley Kurtz




For the uninitiated, the Weather Underground was a domestic terrorist group that grew out of the New Left in the ’60s and ’70s. The group sought to transform America into a communist nation. Obviously, Obama does not seek such a transformation, but relationships with people like Ayers do raise other questions.

More to the point is that Mr. Kurtz, along with many other journalists and lawyers, is investigating files that were recently released by the University of Illinois at Chicago that could have information regarding the relationship between Ayers and the Democratic nominee. As of yet, nothing has been found, but this does not mean that new evidence of a serious connection won’t come up in the near future.

So, a stalemate has formed, but the Obama camp seems unable to effectively repel the allegations. Yet, the mere inability to prove his association with Ayers was not substantive could seriously hurt Obama come November.

The biggest reason Ayers has proven himself such a burden is the total lack of remorse he has shown over his involvement with the Weather Underground. That qualifies Mr. Ayers as an unrepentant communist terrorist. No one wants to campaign for president with something like that hanging around their neck.

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    McCain/Palin: Sen.Obama – Get Bernardine Dohrn to Explain Your Friendship to Billy Ayers, As Long As You Are Trotting Out The Girls to Help You!

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