Cristi Adkins Explains What Transpired Just Prior to Chris Matthews MSNBC Interview With Video and Audio


Chris Matthews interviewing Cristi Adkins Video:

Audio (Cristi comes in just under halfway point):


Before Chris Matthews actually put the camera on us, he was baiting us.

He asked, “Who are you?” “What’s an Independent?” “I’ve never heard of one.”

Chris Matthews is biased.

Viewers didn’t see what had transpired during the eight blocks we had marched just prior to the interview.

Very aggressive Obama supporters spat on us, called us horrible names.

One Obama supporter even pushed one of our marchers into the street in front of a bus – just inches away from getting hit or run over.

All of this and more had just happened prior to Chris Matthews interview and I was understandably upset and it showed.

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6 Responses to “Cristi Adkins Explains What Transpired Just Prior to Chris Matthews MSNBC Interview With Video and Audio”

  1. Leeballz Says:

    Chris Matthews doesn’t have the ability to be unbiased I don’t think. He asks her, “What happens if you’re wrong? What happens if you’re wrong?” Well Chris, “What happens if nobody checks it out? What happens if nobody checks it out?”

  2. sisterrosetta Says:

    Right on, Leeballz!

  3. TK Says:

    Cristi Adkins has given several other interviews
    and has not been quiet on her opinions of Obama.

    One can clearly see that Obama bots were dissin those girls the entire time.

    Cristi adkins should have actually spat in his (Mathews eye)…I know I would’ve!

  4. Moma Mary Says:

    Double right on Leebalz & Sisterrosetta! I don’t know why they don’t just change the entire name of MSNBC to obamaown. Never dreamed I would see any news reporters so blantly biased and telling Americans to like it or not! Disgusting to say the least. As well as so willing to lie!

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Moma Mary and all,

    Please continue to make your presence known here. Thank you.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    See also:

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