“When and How will the Obama Birth Certificate Forgery story break into the MSM?” Polarik – Techdude – Kevmo


For those of you following this story, this would be a good thread to follow.


To: Kevmo

Banana Republic August 25, 2008 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I guess being away from politics as long as I have has caused me to forget just how utterly batshit crazy some people can be.

I posted this thread over at Free Banana Republic earlier this afternoon. Within an hour there were shrieks of “TROLL!,” the title of my thread was changed, and my posting privileges revoked.

Someone there posted a link to this blog, so if anyone from over there would like to ask any questions about or take any issues with what I’d posted, they’re more than welcome to do so here. I won’t stoop to the cowardice that was displayed over there.

Maybe Steve Ellis, aka Koyaan, has Tourette Syndrome. It certainly is a good possibility, because he seems to have no self control over his use of foul language, especially lots of swear words related to excrement, when he is on his own blog, or on mine. He is also a pathological liar.

Yet, he knows that he cannot get away with being a potty mouth on FR, and he wonders why he was banned. BUT, he’s lurking out there, trolling around here for things that he can denigrate on his cesspool of a blog.

He’s a 25 year old teenager.

He calls you, “Kevmoron,” but I’m the one who really drives him bonkers. He keeps devoting whole posts to me, with such creative titles as “Again, Polarik is full of “s**t” and pithy comebacks like “And Polarik wonders why I called him a f**king retard.”

My advice is to either ignore him, or to leave your posts on his blog, and see how he likes it.

He’s reminds me of a squashed bug on the windshield: annoying, but not worth stopping to clean it off.

291 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 4:28:10 PM by Polarik

To: Polarik

Basically, I’m after the facts. This Koyaangutan dude verified that the Berg vs. Obama lawsuit was drawn from Techdude’s quiver. So the guy calls me Kevmoron, big deal — it’s his blog and he’s bitter that he doesn’t have the internal fortitude to take a few punches on the nose while he’s in the ring of Free Republic. When you’ve been a freeper as long as I have, you see all kinds come & go.

So, what do we do about this? You know that I keep encouraging you to write a book — you’re one of the few in this brouhaha that gets to make money. Well, you could also make some lawyer dude rich (and you get a cut of it) in your state by getting him to file a state lawsuit. I’m afraid that this thing is headed over a cliff and the republicans won’t lift a finger to stop it. They’re too gutless.

292 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:51:13 PM by Kevmo

To: Calpernia

I even posted on the thread that his suit may be a vaccination against other suits.
***I doubt that was the original intent because he’s been open about his motives. He was quoted saying that he wanted the democrats to draw first blood because he feared the republicans would let the thing drone on until an October surprise. He basically wanted to help Hillary. Well, now that she has let loose of her delegates the pressure will be on Berg to drop this lawsuit. In a way his lawsuit does act as a vaccination if he withdraws, but that wouldn’t stop a determined litigant. Unfortunately, the republicans do not fit that description.

293 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:56:45 PM by Kevmo

To: Kevmo

Techdude retreated at a bad time, but that doesn’t make him a fraud. Those who claim so advance a claim with no known support.

294 posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 9:40:01 AM by bvw

To: bvw; Polarik

Look at post #285, there is support. If you continue to think there isn’t support, go ahead and post it here why you think so. Polarik was one of the guys saying Techdude was a fraud, so maybe you can hash it out with him.

295 posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 10:33:47 AM by Kevmo

To: Kevmo

Who wrote the following?

I have heard from the person that TechDude is impersonating. TechDude is impersonating Adam Fink’s background and credentials. I offer a sincere apology to Mr. Fink for associating his impersonation with TechDude.

296 posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 11:22:28 AM by bvw

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  1. Cao Says:

    This is really hard to follow.

  2. sisterrosetta Says:

    I agree. It is, Cao!

    It’s almost as if the only ones who are talking about this are speaking another language.

    I certainly hope that if and when this ever goes mainstream, that someone somewhere has prepared something that “your typical” American voter can comprehend.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    “*Breaking News* FactCheck posts update to its “Born in the U.S.A.” story on Aug 26th”


    Polarik to Polarik

    *Breaking News* FactCheck posts update to its “Born in the U.S.A.” story on Aug 26th

    Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 2:30:50 PM by Polarik

    I revisited the “Born in the U.S.A.” story that FactCheck produced which shows digital photos of OBama’s alleged genuine paper birth certificate, or COLB, taken in a number of angles.

    I found something new: A note that the story had been “updated August 26.”

    Update, August 26: We received responses to some of our questions from the Hawaii Department of Health. They couldn’t tell us anything about their security paper, but they did answer another frequently-raised question: why is Obama’s father’s race listed as “African”? Kurt Tsue at the DOH told us that father’s race and mother’s race are supplied by the parents, and that “we accept what the parents self identify themselves to be.” We consider it reasonable to believe that Barack Obama, Sr., would have thought of and reported himself as “African.” It’s certainly not the slam dunk some readers have made it out to be.

    According to the Director of Vital Records, with whom I spoke about 10 weeks ago, said that they replaced “NEGRO” with “BLACK,” even if NEGRO was on the original birth certificate and the person requesting the COLB put down NEGRO on the application form. So, either this Kurt guy doesn’t know what Vital Records do, or doesn’t want to disclose this information, or FactCheck is misrepresenting what he said.

    OHSM does not simply “accept what the parents self identify themselves to be.”If the father (or the mother) said that the father’s race was NEGRO, Vital Statistics would not list it as NEGRO, but BLACK. They report a person’s current birth record in the context of the today’s laws and practices.

    Unfortunately, he declined to answer my specific question about “AFRICAN,” because then he knew I was searching for answers to Obama’s COLB, and said that he cannot give out personal information on someone’s birth record.

    Dozens of people were calling them daily and asking the same question, and maybe, Kurt was simply following departmental directives regarding BHO’s COLB.

    Now, it’s the second part of Kurt’s statement, as reported by FactCheck, that raised my eyebrows:

    When we asked about the security borders, which look different from some other examples of Hawaii certifications of live birth, Kurt said “The borders are generated each time a certified copy is printed. A citation located on the bottom left hand corner of the certificate indicates which date the form was revised.

    Was this OHSM’s version of “Name, Rank, and Serial Number?” or FactCheck’s imagination talking? Yes, we all know that the borders are generated each time a NOT-YET-CERTIFIED copy is printed along with everything else printed inside the borders. We also know that there has been only one form in use for almost seven years.

    Now, why didn’t Kurt simply say that the security borders were periodically changed since November 2001 until now? Why not confirm what FactCheck already knows (or should know?)

    Kurt continues:

    ” He also confirmed that the information in the short form birth certificate is sufficient to prove citizenship for “all reasonable purposes.”
    Trust me. “Reasonable” is not part of the vocabulary for the most screwed-up federal agency in America, namely USCIS, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. USCIS demands a whole list of documents to determine citizenship, of which proof of birth is but one of them.

    Why is it that, when someone like you or me, applies for work in a federal agency who work with sensitive data, are required to have extensive and thorough background checks performed even before being considered to be qualified to work there. Do how is it that someone, like Obama, whose background has not subjected to the same and even more extensive levels of investigation, can become an applicant for the highest federal position in the Country?

    It boogles the mind.

    One final note:

    Now,”What’s up with FactCheck’s comment that they did not learn anything about the paper the COLB is printed on?”

    That strikes me as odd, seeing as how they allegedly had the same paper in their hot, little hands?

    See also:





  4. Polarik Says:

    I certainly hope that if and when this ever goes mainstream, that someone somewhere has prepared something that “your typical” American voter can comprehend.

    I’m working on a final report that will make it as non-technical as possible — but that is so much harder and more time-consuming than simplty laying it out in the vernacular of the field.

    I certainly will direct individuals to helpful support information on the basics of digital image forgery.

    Making a forgery is the easy part — proving it to be a forgery is the hard part, especially those who empoly “copy and cover” techniques, like where you digitally copy a part of one photo and paste it onto another photo — like those great image creations of Obama as a Greek Senator, etc..

  5. rosettasister Says:

    “I’m working on a final report that will make it as non-technical as possible — but that is so much harder and more time-consuming than simplty laying it out in the vernacular of the field.”


    You are very kind to reply here.

    What little I do understand of your work probably garners the most attention here in terms of how many views.

    Thank you for all of your hard work, including what you mention above.

    We shall look forward to it.

    It seems to me that since the work of so many others was based on Techdude’s findings, that you are our last, best hope.

    Unless I missed something.

  6. Miri Says:

    I agree that we’re all waiting for a comprehensive, coherent explanation (theory) explaining what these various photos and images might represent.

    I’ve been following the Polarik and Techdude posts with interest, including the various analyses of the FactCheck photos and the information about what the exif reveals about the date and time these photos were taken, if the camera date was correctly set.

    My latest puzzle: If the embossed seal, as Polarik now argues, was placed upon the COLB AFTER the paper was folded, then how can it be that the KOS COLB shows no lower fold but DOES show (albeit very faintly) the embossed seal?

    We need a theory about the timeline for the alleged production of these images and photos. So far, it doesn’t hang together. At least not for me.

  7. Miri Says:

    Okay. Sorry. When I first pulled up this blog, the story about Polarik’s rethinking of the seal/fold issue wasn’t posted yet. So now he believes the fold wasn’t there until later. I still would appreciate a theory that lays out when these various images were produced, so we can follow the logic.

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