“Obama’s skeleton” “Obama and Ayers were more than simply neighbors” (Stanley Kurtz) With Audio



The two (Barack Obama and William Ayers) were fellow board members for the Woods Fund, an ultra-left wing organization that doles out money to other left-leaning groups. They also worked together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a group that Obama chaired.

The files from both organizations are held at the University of Illinois, where Ayers now teaches. Kurtz, after navigating many obstacles, got possession of those files last week. And they do, indeed show that Obama and Ayers were more than simply neighbors.

He scheduled an appearance on Milt Rosenberg’s radio program, “Extension 720,” to discuss what amount to the records of Obama’s only executive experience.

The Obama campaign declined an invitation to appear on the program with Kurtz. The campaign’s preferred tactic instead was to tell supporters to tell Rosenberg to cancel Kurtz’s appearance. They called Kurtz a “smear-merchant” and “character assassin.”

What they did not do, though, was take issue with any of the connections between Obama and Ayers that the files document.

The incident says much about how Barack Obama operates and how he will operate as president.

Stanley Kurtz Interview with Milt Rosenberg:


Stanley Kurtz Interview with Hugh Hewitt:


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