“All’s quiet on the ‘down low’” The Larry Sinclair Radio Show on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 (Barack Obama – Donald Young) 8PM Pacific




That he can now tell a different type of story can be attributed to his success, his storytelling ability and the evolvement of attitudes about black gay culture that didn’t exist at the time of his 1994 debut, Invisible Life. The book was a coming-of-age story that dealt with the then-taboo topic of the ”down low,” or bisexual black men living as heterosexuals.

”If you were African American and you were gay, you kept your mouth shut and you went on and did what everybody else did,” he said. ”You had girlfriends, you lived a life that your parents had dreamed for you.”

He sold his book at beauty salons, pushing the story to a black middle class that rarely saw itself in fiction. And he brought up homosexuality, a topic that had been a difficult discussion in black society. Yet Harris, who felt compelled to write Invisible Life, was not living as an openly gay man and could not acknowledge the parallels between the book and his life.

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3 Responses to ““All’s quiet on the ‘down low’” The Larry Sinclair Radio Show on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 (Barack Obama – Donald Young) 8PM Pacific”

  1. jeanniejo Says:

    sisterrosetta, my longtime traveling companion 😉

    Thanks for your alliance with Larry Sinclair.

    I always knew that Larry would turn this corner eventually. As it turned out yesterday was the turning point, and he is continuing on the path to exposing the truth about Barack Obama. I am so honored to be one of his traveling companions.

    I will be interested to hear what Larry’s detractors will say for their actions now.

  2. rosettasister Says:


    My husband and I spent the day in Sedona, Arizona yesterday. In fact John McCain had just left there before we arrived.

    So I hadn’t heard the news until just before air time. And, even then, I wouldn’t let myself believe it until I heard it directly from Larry.

    Thank you, goddess jj!

    Sometimes the good guys do in fact win!

  3. jeanniejo Says:

    Hey, sisterrosetta —

    Good afternoon to you —

    New article at Real Clear Politics –



    Delaware Attorney General dismisses Warrant, Larry Sinclair statement, Larry Sinclair not guilty, Why was Larry Sinclair arrested?, Who gave false information to Social Security?

    I encourage all to read and vote –

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