“Newly Released Documents Highlight Obama’s Relationship With Ayers” With Video


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Added: August 21, 2008

Beyond the speeches, how much do you really know about Barack Obama? Learn about his connection to William Ayers.



Documents released Tuesday by the University of Illinois at Chicago shed some light on Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, a founding member of the 1960s and 1970s radical group the Weather Underground.

Obama’s association with Ayers, who now teaches at the university, has become an issue in the Illinois senator’s presidential campaign. The Weather Underground took credit for several nonfatal bombings on targets that included the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, and critics accuse Obama of rubbing elbows with an unabashed 1960s radical.

Obama has said that, although he knew Ayers as a professor involved in community outreach efforts in Chicago, he doesn’t share Ayers’ extreme views.

The massive collection of newly released documents — 140 boxes full of them — includes agendas that clearly put Obama and Ayers in the same room for meetings of Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an educational initiative that Ayers was instrumental in starting and that Obama chaired in the 1990s.

Ayers Unrepentant for Weather Underground’s Violence in 1960s, 1970s

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7 Responses to ““Newly Released Documents Highlight Obama’s Relationship With Ayers” With Video”

  1. sisterrosetta Says:

    timeforrealchange has thread at HCF:


    Like I’ve said before, your associations reveal a lot about you.

    Let’s assume Obama and Ayres did nothing corrupt or illegal together and that Obama doesn’t share Ayres radical views (I really don’t believe that however).

    What does it say about Obama that he’d downplay the relationship and USE Ayres to advance his political career? Most reputable and honest people would say, No thanks! I think I will figure out a more honorable and truthful way to get where I want to be.

    So, if nothing else, this is another revelation of Obama doing what he needs to do to get ahead. NOT a sign of good character AT ALL!!

  2. sisterrosetta Says:


    “Obama’s Ayers problem deepens”


  3. rosettasister Says:

    From Clarice Feldman:

    “Can Obama Survive the Annenberg Cover-up?”


  4. George Says:

    Ayers and his wife OFF WITH THEIR HEADS on the steps of the Supreme court . What more do you need they confessed it many times.
    Treason gets the death penalty . OFF WITH THIER HEADS make it a media event Prime Time no less.

  5. rosettasister Says:


    Good to hear from you.

  6. Leeballz Says:

    If Larry Sinclair is telling the truth, then maybe William Ayers and Obama have had a similar relationship.

    From a 09/01/2001 New York Times article on Ayers:

    ‘He also writes about the Weathermen’s sexual experimentation as they tried to ‘’smash monogamy.” The Weathermen were ”an army of lovers,” he says, and describes having had different sexual partners, including his best male friend.’

    It’s starting to come full circle.


  7. rosettasister Says:

    “Obama’s Friend, America’s Enemy”


    Obama apologists dismiss all this as “guilt by association” based on a single joint appearance. But it was far from the only one.

    In fact, by 1997 Obama and Ayers were collaborators on a far more significant level. They sat together for several years on the board of the Woods Fund, a left-wing Chicago charitable organization. There, they doled out tens of thousands of dollars to such beneficiaries as the Trinity Church (where Obama was a longtime member and where another Obama mentor, Jeremiah Wright, preached a radical, anti-American brand of Black Liberation Theology) and the Arab American Action Network (co-founded by Rashid Khalidi, a Yasser Arafat apologist who has supported attacks against Israel and now directs Columbia University’s notorious Middle East Institute, founded by Edward Said).

    Even more intriguing, in 1995 Ayers won a $49.2 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation — matched two-to-one by public and private contributions — to promote “reform” in the Chicago school system. He quickly brought in Obama, then all of 33 and bereft of any executive experience, to chair the board. With Ayers directing the project’s operational arm and Obama overseeing its financial affairs until 1999, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge distributed more than $100 million to ideological allies with no discernible improvement in public education.

    Until this week, moreover, the University of Illinois at Chicago, where Ayers works, was blocking access to the project’s files (examination of which was being sought by frequent National Review contributor Stanley Kurtz), until finally relenting under public pressure. Less than three months from Election Day, analysis of the records from Barack Obama’s only significant executive experience is just beginning.

    The mainstream media has been derelict on the Obama/Ayers relationship. Perhaps now, finally, it will get the scrutiny it deserves.

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