“Rense & Tarpley on Larry Sinclair – led away in handcuffs” (Barack Obama – Donald Young)


From: hollywood7

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Added: June 20, 2008

What is even more frightening is the Obama people set him up – and he was led away in handcuffs after the event – by FEDERAL MARSHALS serving a warrant from Delaware – which I gather his lawyer was working on at the time of his arrest.

They are getting rather militant with their shutting up of people who might ‘damage’ Obama’s reputation, even though Obama is connected with figures like Rezko and other unsavory characters, some tied to terrorism against the US who are unrepentent.

This video is Jeff Rense and Webster Tarpley talking about how it went, Montgomery Blair Sibley who is the man the press are making fun of for wearing a kilt, and Sinclair’s lawyer, and what happened after Sinclair left the room.

To my knowledge, the media is spinning this in order to mock Sinclair and his lawyer, rather than investigate the facts, which is their job.



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