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Inconsistencies abound in FactCheck report on Obama “birth certificate”


1 — Certifigate Rages On……

2 — The blind squirrel, Mr. Berg, is using others research, not his own. Some of it is legit, some is not. It might not get the time of day in court.

So instead, those that are on to Obama’s malfeasance will continue to plug away on this issue, regardless of an unwelcome ‘ally’ in Mr. Berg.

3 — Please ping us all to the many threads you’ve posted and continue to post discussing the important issues.

If you run out of ideas, you can reference these:


4 — No sign of Larry on Factcheck? They’ve likely been told not to cover him.

5 — Producing a forgery is a crime. It has been demonstrated quite well to be a forgery. The only question is how we can force it into the broader public consciousness without the help of BHO’s minions, better known as the media.

6 — Not rumours; hard analysis on the Kos/Obama posted image. Read and learn.


7 — BTW, why would a relative newbie on FR be so suddenly interested in stopping FR from doing what it has always done: Investigate the malfeasance that the MSM ignores?

8 — Yeah, I don’t mind skepticism. It is most often well warranted. That is why I’m skeptical of new freepers that want everyone to ignore a particular issue that has the potential to not only pancake Obama’s chances for POTUS, but get him booted out of the Senate as well.

9 — This article reads like the ravings of a fanatic

Yes, I always start flame wars. (sisterrosetta here: is there any other kind?)

10 — I think she’s done. This will not be resolved this week. But if Obama is booted next month, will it be Hill or Plugs that gets to run??

11 — Interesting, to say the least.

(Pissant – If you see this, please drop by. I’d love to be able to ask you some questions. Thanks. Sisterrosetta)

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