”To save his fellow Marines, Rafael Peralta reached out, grabbed the grenade, and tucked it under his abdomen where it exploded.”



On the morning of Nov. 15, the men of 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines awoke before sunrise and continued what they had done seven days previously – cleansing the city of Fallujah of terrorists house by house.

At the fourth house they encountered that morning, the Marines kicked in the door and “cleared” the front rooms, but then noticed a locked door off to the side that required inspection.

Sgt. Rafael Peralta threw open the closed door, but behind it were three terrorists with AK-47s. Peralta was hit in the head and chest with multiple shots at close range.

Peralta’s fellow Marines had to step over his body to continue the shootout with the terrorists. As the firefight raged, a “yellow, foreign made, oval-shaped grenade,” as Lance Cpl. Travis Kaemmerer described it, rolled into the room where they stood and stopped near Peralta’s body.

But Sgt. Rafael Peralta wasn’t dead —- yet!! This young immigrant of 25 years, who enlisted in the Marines when he received his green card, who volunteered for front-line duty in Fallujah, had one last act of heroism in him.

Peralta was proud to serve his adopted country. In his parent’s home, on his bedroom walls hung only three items.

A copy of the U.S. Constitution

A Copy Of The Bill of Rights

And his boot camp graduation certificate.

Before he set out for Fallujah, he wrote to his 14-year-old brother, “Be proud of me bro … and be proud of being an American.” Not only can Rafael’s family be proud of him, but his fellow Marines are alive because of him. As Sgt. Rafael Peralta lay near death on the floor of a Fallujah terrorist hideout, he spotted the yellow grenade that rolled next to his near lifeless body. Once detonated, it would take out the rest of Peralta’s squad. To save his fellow Marines, Peralta reached out, grabbed the grenade, and tucked it under his abdomen where it exploded.

“Most of the Marines in the house were in the immediate area of the grenade,” Cpl. Kaemmerer said. “We will never forget the second chance at life that Sgt. Peralta gave us.”

Unfortunately, unlike Pablo Paredes, Sgt. Rafael Peralta didn’t get much media coverage. He is unlikely to have books written about him or movies made about his extraordinarily selfless sacrifice. But he is likely to receive the Medal of Honor. And if he does that Medal of Honor is likely to be displayed next to the only items that hung on his bedroom wall – the Constitution, Bill of Rights and his Boot Camp graduation certificate.

Yes, Virginia, there are still heroes in America, and Sgt. Rafael Peralta was one of them. It’s just too bad the media can’t recognize them.

Written by Lieut. Colonel Oliver North (retired)

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    “A Hero’s Courageous Sacrifice”


    Sgt. Rafael Peralta is dead, but the story of his sacrifice to save fellow Marines will live long in Marine Corps lore.

    In the fierce battle for the Iraqi town of Fallouja, Peralta, with gunshot wounds to his head and body, reached out and grabbed a grenade hurled by an insurgent, cradling it to his body to save others from the blast.

    The explosion in the back room of a house injured one Marine, but four others managed to scramble to safety.

    Peralta, 25, an immigrant from Mexico who enlisted the day he got his green card work permit, was declared dead en route to a field hospital.

    “If he hadn’t done what he did, a lot of us wouldn’t be seeing our families again,” said Lance Cpl. Travis J. Kaemmerer, who witnessed the blast.

    Garry Morrison, the father of Lance Cpl. Adam Morrison, had trouble keeping his voice from breaking when he spoke of Peralta.

    “He saved the life of my son and every Marine in that room,” Morrison said in a phone call from Seattle. “I just know one thing: God has a special place in heaven for Sgt. Peralta.”

  2. Leeballz Says:

    Valiant. R.I.P. Sgt. Peralta.

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