“Midnight Marauder Show 8-21-08” (Listen Now – Larry Sinclair)



The “Bigfoot discovery” is a confirmed hoax, a complete lie and fraud, but are Larry Sinclair’s allegations that he did drugs with and performed oral sex on Barack Hussein Obama in 1999 a fraud?

Midnight delves into the case, with Larry Sinclair himself guesting on the show, telling his story and answering questions. Why do fake “Bigfoot” stories get saturated media and press coverage, but Sinclair’s allegations get…. nothing from the press or the media? Is he lying, or is he telling the truth? Were his allegations about McCain or any other conservative, would he then be ignored? Take a listen and decide for yourself.

Midnight tells his own conclusion as well, on this special edition of the Midnight Marauder Show. (Click below to listen or download, 57 minutes, 55mb)

Larry comes in about 13:30

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