I Want To Change. So Help Me God. (John Edwards is to Rielle Hunter as Barack Obama is to Larry Sinclair)


“Edwards’ Account Challenged”

Pigeon O’Brien, a friend to Rielle Hunter, tells Maggie Rodriguez John Edwards is still lying about the affair.


Affair lifts Jay’s flat book sales

Novelist Jay (Bright Lights, Big City) McInerney may be the only person to come out of the Edwards-Hunter mess with a smile on his face.

His little-read 1989 book Story of My Life — whose narrator was inspired by his then girlfriend, Rielle Hunter — has gone from obscurity to reprint this weekend as it climbs the Amazon sales charts.

Along with BFFs Candace (Sex and the City) Bushnell and Bret (American Psycho) Easton Ellis, McInerney was living large and loose in 1987 when he started dating Hunter, who was at the time living under the name Lisa Druck.

“I saw them [Hunter and her friends] as a tribe that I wanted to study. And I ended up writing this book, A Story of My Life, which is about a group of girls, five or six friends, coming to New York and conquering or failing to conquer the city,” McInerney said last week.

“I was fascinated by the way they talked. Today, it would come under the rubric of Valley Girl talk, the use of ‘like’ instead of ‘to say’. They were open speaking about sex.”

As surprised as everyone else when Hunter was outed as Edwards’ mistress (“She’s not attracted to conventional guys — and Edwards, with his haircut and all, is a conventional guy”), the 53-year-old writer says he is in the camp that believes John Edwards has yet to come completely clean.

“It seemed like a very half-assed confession … and I think it was unchivalrous of him to basically say that he wasn’t in love with her. I think he has some more explaining to do … but I still think she’s a wonderful girl who has a good heart and I wish her well.”

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