Larry Sinclair Did Not Fail Polygraph Examination (Barack Obama – Donald Young)


“’s Polygraph Examination of Larry Sinclair”

Added: June 17, 2008

This is an updated commentary on the polygraph examination of Larry Sinclair arranged by, conducted by Edward I. Gelb of Los Angeles, and reviewed by Gordon H. Barland.

Mr. Sinclair was polygraphed regarding his claims that in 1999, he performed oral sex on, and used cocaine with, Democratic presidential candidate and then Illinois legislator Barack Obama.

For background, see “Larry Sinclair and the Polygraph” on

Documentation of Ed Gelb’s educational background is available here:

Contact information for is available here:

Please see:
sisterrosetta Says:
May 23, 2008 at 9:16 pm
Hello, zach jones
Please see following link for info regarding Larry’s polygraph.
I have literally been posting this link for months now.
And yet I still keep reading that Larry failed twice. Balderdash!
On Page 2:

“I also evaluated the second series using the computer algorithm PolyScore (v. 6.0).
It evaluated the charts as No Deception Indicated,
and calculated the probabilityof deception as being less than .01 on a scale from .00 to 1.00.”

“So the PolyScore algorithm (that Ed Gelb so hailed in his polygraph report for Wendy Ellis)
found Sinclair truthful with a less than 1% probability of deception!
But in this case, Gelb and Barland (who cannot have been unaware of
the firestorm of controversy that would have resulted
had they found Sinclair non-deceptive with regard to this question)
somehow reached a completely opposite conclusion!”
One commenter wrote that Larry had been sandbagged. Indeed, he was.

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