“The Mask Behind The DNC…” (Native Americans Against Obama)



Chota – Where the Red Race Sprang Forth From the Earth

When she died “a light rose from her body, fluttered around the room like a bird, left through an open door and disappeared toward Chota. This was watched by those in attendance who were startled at this apparation.” This statement made by her great-grandson, John Walker “Jack” Hildebrand (1818-1910) in 1908, is part of the legend of Nancy Ward (Nanyehi), a full-blood Native American who rose to prominence in the tribe during war with the Creeks and whose assistance to settlers in Tennessee made her a popular figure.

“Native American’s-A Tribute to All Tribes”

“Native Americans Against Obama- These Are The Faces”

“Native Americans Against Obama-The DNC & The Trail”

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